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Dafizilla ViewSourceWith Benötigt Neustart

The main goal allows users to open (and in some cases edit) page source with external applications.

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PourBico Benötigt Neustart

Speed up your testing and debugging times with PourBico. By intercepting HTTP requests, PourBico allows you to modify each response (headers and body) via inline edits or by replacing resources with local or external ones.

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Personas Interactive Theme Engine Benötigt Neustart

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Remove the limits of Personas. Get unlimited Personas, legible text; use with Firefox themes installed. Create your own Personas gallery; full CSS3 backgrounds, and more

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Customize Your Web Benötigt Neustart

Customize Your Web (CYW) let's you customize your favorite websites with just a few clicks. What Greasemonkey is for developers is CYW for non-developers. You can remove/rearrange /modify elements, add keyboard shortcuts and do many other things.

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Font Inspector (WebExtension) Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Click on any element to get the font info in a page popup

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Good Website Inspector Benötigt Neustart

Der Good Website Inspector ist ein erweitertes Regelset für das Firefox-AddOn YSLOW zur Überprüfung der Qualität des Quelltextes von Websites, um Optimierungspotenzial schnell erkennen zu können.

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Remove css from website Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Removes css from website. Remove inline styles, stylesheets, add custom styles.

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DevTools Prototyper

This add-on adds JS Fiddle style code prototyping to Firefox DevTools.

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CSS Refresh

Reload CSS without having to refresh the page.

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lmnpop Benötigt Neustart

Pops elements as resizable windows.

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Dark Theme for Google News Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Makes the layout of Google News dark while retaining the original feel.

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CSSViewer Benötigt Neustart

A simple CSS property...

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Phoenix Benötigt Neustart

An editor with real time syntax highlighting which allows edit, run and test CSS, HTML and JavaScript code. Phoenix will tell you how many CSS and JS files are loaded into a page, how big these are, it will let you edit, pack and de-obfuscate them.

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Cascading Style Sheets can be tricky. Placing an outline on every element can help you figure out what is going on.
This extension inserts the Pesticide CSS into the current page, outlining each element to better see placement on the page.

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Context Style Switcher Benötigt Neustart

Change Page Style via context menu

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globalChrome.css Benötigt Neustart

Provides global user stylesheet.

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Crosshairify - Changes Cursor Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Makes a cross-hair the default cursor. To disable just click 'disable'. This addon is designed to be very light and have very little impact on your web browser. Crosshairify changes the cursor style.

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Website Theme Manager (WebExtension) Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Allows you to change any website's look; choose your desired style from

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Dynamically load stylesheets from plaintext files in your profile

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A source viewer that enables you to view not only page's HTML source but also style sheets and scripts. It uses Prism syntax highlighter and it can beautify(unminify) the source code.

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