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ExExceptions Requires Restart

"permissions.sqlite" editor.

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Remove Cookies and DOM Storage Button

Remove all cookies and DOM Storage (Web Storage) just by clicking a button on a toolbar! Simple as that! With this add-on you have a choice to delete Current Tab cookies or All Browser cookies.

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BetterPrivacy Requires Restart Vorgestellt

'Super-Cookie' Daten Schutz (LSO Flash, eBay Langzeitverfolgung)

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CookieSafe - Cookies verwalten Requires Restart

Cookies verwalten.

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Reset Kiosk Requires Restart

Reset homepage view after period of inactivity, aka 'kiosk mode'. Options for forcing fullscreen mode and clearing recent browsing history, cookies and cache.

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I don't care about cookies

Get rid of annoying cookie warnings from tens of thousands of 'infected' websites!

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Disconnect Requires Restart Vorgestellt

Make the web faster, more private, and more secure.

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Manage your tabs in sandboxes increasing your privacy!

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Biscuit Requires Restart


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Priv3+ Requires Restart

Priv3+ protects you from being tracked by third parties that use cookies. Priv3+ removes cookies from all third party requests (e.g., social widgets, small gifs for behavioral ads), but enables social networking features when you interact with them!

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ClearAllCookiesButton Requires Restart

A simple button to Clear All Cookies

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Cookie Wizard with Whitelist Requires Restart

View/Cleanup/Export/Import Cookies and Permissions, with Whitelist

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Add N Edit Cookies Requires Restart

Cookie Editor that allows you add and edit session and saved cookies

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CookieRank 1.0

CookieRank shows you which websites you can trust based on the cookies they create in your browser.

The cookie score you see (out of 5) instantly indicates how your privacy is being respected before you go deeper into a site.

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Eat My Cookies Requires Restart

Delete site cookies with one click. Eat My Cookies is the easiest, fastest, and most effective cookie extension for Firefox.

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Isst Kekse.

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Easy access to Firefox about:permissions page

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No cookie for Google search

Disable cookies on Google search. Prevent Google from keeping track of your searches and showing customized results based on your profile. Cookies are still working with other Google services (gmail, reader, G+...)

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QuickToggles Requires Restart

Toggle cookies, javascript with a single click, and manage simple http proxy config, in the status bar.

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Cookie Button in the status bar Requires Restart

Button for easy access to cookie permissions in the status bar. For those who have been asking for cookie button in the status...

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