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Sync & Share

Syncing and sharing between different devices and friends.

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Edit Bookmark Minus Benötigt Neustart

Allows to re-size the default 'Add/Edit Bookmark Popup' and fixes tree selection bug.

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Foxylicious Benötigt Neustart

Foxylicious is a Mozilla Firefox extension that integrates your bookmarks into your browser...

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Bookmark Tools Benötigt Neustart

Dieses Add-on erlaubt es Lesezeichen zu indizieren, d.h. alle typischen Eigenschaften wie Name, URL usw. sowie die referenzierte Webseite bzw. deren Inhalt. Somit kann bei einer Suchanfrage gezielt im Inhalt der Seite gesucht werden.

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Bookmark to Desktop Benötigt Neustart

The Bookmark to Desktop add-on retrieves bookmarks shared from Android using the Bookmark to Desktop app.

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Licorize Benötigt Neustart

Licorize is the official Firefox add-on for, a minimalistic and fast to-do manager for sharing bookmarks, todos and work done.

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The next generation bookmarking tool to navigate to your most frequently visited websites. Allows user to configure their list of most frequently visited websites based on categories making it easier and faster to navigate to websites.

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Digmyweb Benötigt Neustart

Stop searching for pages you've already visited. Digmyweb enhances your search results with your browser history.

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Places’ Full Titles Benötigt Neustart

Eliminates unnecessary truncation of bookmarks’ and history items’ titles.

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Blogmark Benötigt Neustart

Easily add a new blogmark ( thanks to a menu item in the context menu of the page. There are also toolbar buttons to add or view...

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The JobHero Sidekick lets you save job opportunities from across the web with just one click! Save & track interesting jobs to research later, remind yourself to follow up, and organize your entire job search.

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Parker Benötigt Neustart

The Parker Extension allows you to submit links to so much faster.

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Save to GrabDuck!

GrabDuck is the only bookmarking service that offers full text search on your bookmarks.

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Manage your bookmarks from anywhere

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Fantastic Bar

A Fantastic URL Bar. Shows a panel to make suggestions for your url bar input.

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bigpag web - Accede a tus favoritos desde cualquier lugar Benötigt Neustart

Extensión para integrarse con la web de bigpag.

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Sitebar Client for Firefox 4.0.x Benötigt Neustart

A SiteBar client that looks like a sidebar.
This version is for the 4.0.x series of Firefox.

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bookmark to with a single click

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WikifyTabs Benötigt Neustart

Have a bunch of tabs you want to share or add to a Wiki, Forum or Web Page? Now you can! WikifyTabs will create a list of your opened tabs and present them in an easy to copy format.

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SearchGBY Search

This is a small addition to our other plugin
Our original plugin enhances google directly within browser
Please check above plugin as well
Search Google Bing Yahoo ,filter duplicates.

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