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BestVideoDownloader 2 - YouTube Downloader MP3 MP4 Kein Neustart

Direct YouTube downloads MP3 M4A AAC and HD MP4, FLV, 3GP. With just one mouse click! With the click off an mouse button! Super fast downloads right from the Youtube video page you are viewing.

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Futureyesterday (goodbye Friends)

Futureyesterday (goodbye Friends)

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Record, bookmark and replay your browser activities in a snap with DéjàClick. Designed for Firefox, DéjàClick can handle the most complex websites - including AJAX, Flash, forms and more. With a single click you can repeat your most common tasks.

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Universal Search & IE 8 Accelerator

Allows you to search highlighted text with any of the installed search engines. It also allow you to use IE8 accelerators to preview or search highlighted text.

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TimeStamp Converter

Converts dates and timestamps...

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"Google Chrome"-like option for blocking repetitive alert(), confirm() and prompt() dialogs. Gets rid of spam dialogs and other infinite loops!

With AlertStopper, dissipate your JavaScript dialogs problems instantly!

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NoClick Kein Neustart

Fill out web forms with less clicking!

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Bestcovery Search is the fastest, easiest way to find the best of everything. We rely on real experts and sophisticated analytical systems to tell you the best product for your particular needs, eliminating long hours of research and guesswork.

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Hide Google Mail and YAHOO! Mail User Name: Improved Version

If you don't want to share your Google mail or YAHOO! Mail user name to a person sitting behind you then you can hide you User name too in the **** form.It will give you extra security.Eg Username: Abhishek --> ********

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Best Buy Canada Search

Search Best Buy Canada\'s official website.

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4 wöchentliche Downloads helps you find the best electronic gadgets based on recommendations from hundreds on authoritative review sources. We organize reviews from the best sources on the internet and provide you instant and accurate recommendations.

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5 wöchentliche Downloads | Compare Hotel Rates

A free hotel comparison tool which compares hotel offers of more than 30 top reservation sites and shows all available rates. It's the easiest way to find the cheapest hotel room rates over the Internet and make a direct booking. Save time and money!

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Price Grabber Search

Search the Price grabber website to compare prices.

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Wisedock Kein Neustart

Mit Wisedock entdeckst du ständig neue Webseiten, die genau zu deinen Interessen passen, unterstützt Hilfsprojekte und verdienst Geld. Dieses Add-on richtet dir Wisedock als Browser-Startseite ein.
Benutze dieses Add-on außerhalb von Europa.

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