A port of the Chrome Extension 'BugMagnet' originally written by Gojko Adzic, Bug Magnet enables you to quickly populate common text fields with a variety of test data via a right-click context menu, extremely useful in exploratory testing.

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LIVE HTTP Header Benötigt Neustart

View Live HTTP Response Header of All Websites in Pop Up Window.

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GYRbar — SEO тулбар Benötigt Neustart

GYRbar — SEO тулбар, отображает пузомерки сайтов (тИЦ и PR), ускоряет доступ к SEO форуму GYRtalk.ru

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WP Clocky

Ferramentas simples para relógio, timers, cronometros.

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Lubemonkey Benötigt Neustart

(A Graesemonkey fork)
Next Generation script manager for Firefox with SQlite Database storage.
As greasemonkey you can customize the way a web page displays but you can do it having lots of fast storage and the power of SQL.

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L-Square Responsive Design Inspector Benötigt Neustart

Browser pixel rulers to help inspect window widths of adaptive designs. The add-on button acts as a toggle that adds rulers similar to a graphics app to measure the current window resolution.

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CSS Resolver

Resolves the element under the mouse to the shortest css selector that uniquely identifies it

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iWEBTOOL Webmaster's Toolbar Benötigt Neustart

Access webmaster services and web tools from iWEBTOOL directly from the web browser.

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Fleck - Save the best of the Web Benötigt Neustart

Fleck allows you to bookmark websites including your own sticky notes on top of them. Save the best of the web. Work in groups and start building your collective knowledge base together.
Search through all your favorite websites and those of your fri...

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Personas Interactive Theme Engine Benötigt Neustart

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Remove the limits of Personas. Get unlimited Personas, legible text; use with Firefox themes installed. Create your own Personas gallery; full CSS3 backgrounds, and more

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Seo&Sem Benötigt Neustart

SEO toolbar – addon for instant analysis of the site parameters.

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Test IE

Test IE allows users to preview and test their websites in all versions of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11) directly in BrowserStack through Mozilla Firefox.

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Relaxed the HTML Validator Benötigt Neustart

"Relaxed" is a HTML validator which validates HTML documents using it's own schema definitions written in Relax NG with embedded Schematron patterns.

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Check My Colors! Benötigt Neustart

This addon is a button that can be added to the tool bar. To add, right click on the toolbar and select customize. It will then allow you to place a button on the toolbar to run the tests. This is a tool that will allow web developers to analyze thei...

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Sourceforge Direct Download Benötigt Neustart

If you frequently download files from Sourceforge projects, use this extension to automatically convert download links to use your favorite mirror (instead of having Sourceforge prompt...

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Forex Fox Benötigt Neustart

Forex Fox is an extension for Firefox that displays currency exchange rates in your status bar. ...

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Ewhois Benötigt Neustart

Created for www.ewhois.com which allows you find out websites belong to the same owner.

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RightClickXSS Benötigt Neustart

This addon adds a right-click menu option to insert sample XSS payloads into textboxes for security testing. Useful for security researchers or developers testing for cross-site scripting in web applications.

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Format Javascript Benötigt Neustart

The extension provide Javascript developer a tool to decompress the minified javascript. Minify javascript and use it to uncompress.

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Short URL Creator with Surl.ME Benötigt Neustart

Shorten long URLs and copy to Clipboard with a single click :]

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