tab backup

An addon to backup tabs. Right click and click on 'backup tabs' and the tab data will be copied to the clipboard to be pasted.

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Predictive Newtab

Show predictions of where to go on new tabs

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This is not a search engine Benötigt Neustart

Loads when you open a new tab.

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Open a list of URL at startup in new pinned tabs. (Pinned home pages)

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Table of Contents Benötigt Neustart

Generate a handy table of contents to any website you are visiting

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Chris Hemsworth

sexy austaliano actor de la pelicula thor

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New Tab URL Benötigt Neustart

You wish to visit specific web site for new tab button but do not want about:newtab instead, you can have New Tab URL for switching new tab settings.

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TitleURL Benötigt Neustart

Displays the title of the tabs in the URL bar.

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ClickIn Benötigt Neustart

Сервис укорачивания ссылок.

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Page Portal

Open any link in a panel, this makes the page more temporary than a tab. Open a link in a portal do something fast, get some information, then trash it and go back to business.

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Internet Radio Switch

Χρονοπρογραμματιζόμενο άνοιγμα διαδικτυακών ραδιοφωνικών εκπομπών.

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Open in a new tab with toolbar button Benötigt Neustart

This Firefox addon adds a button to the toolbar which opens in new *pinned* tab in HTTPS mode.

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Bug 566510 - Allow multiselect operations on tabs Benötigt Neustart

Extends Firefox API to support multiple tab selection. Based on patch attached to bug 566510.

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nanoadmin Benötigt Neustart

"Наноадмин" - это расширение для браузеров. Оно предназначено для добавления комментариев на сайты и не только. Вы сможете оставлять свои комментарии к статьям, страницам на сайтах. Кроме этого для Вас будут доступны удобные панели закладок и заметок

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TabRenamizer2 Benötigt Neustart

The best antidote for paranoia.
Have you noticed that everybody looks the titles of your open tabs? It has a name: Paranoia! And a solution too: TabRenamizer2!

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Gives you a list of tabs in Most Recently Used (MRU) order. Triggered by Ctrl-Tab.

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Vimkeys Benötigt Neustart

Adds vim keybindings.

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Image Popout

Image Popout provides a context-menu option to open images into separate windows.

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Australis Small Icons

Small icons view for firefox australis. Makes navigation and tabs toolbar buttons smaller to save space.

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Smack the active tab and move it to the start or end of the tab list.

The addon code has been developed with the addon-sdk and is hosted on

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