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eCash URL Shortener

Easily create short URLs for your links and share them using the eCash URL Shortener Addon. Get paid for generating traffic to your eCash links. Cloak affiliate links and track clicks. Includes detailed reporting and statistics.

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Jupiter Broadcasting Affiliate Redirect

Automatically redirects affiliate URLs to add Jupiter Broadcasting affiliate codes.

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PictuTools Kein Neustart

Quick and easy access to online image manipulation tools.

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F.B. Purity - Cleans Up Facebook Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

F.B. Purity hides the ads, app spam and other annoying clutter from your facebook news feed, lets you increase the font size, change colours plus many more features and generally makes Facebook a lot less annoying to use.

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YouTube Video Replay Kein Neustart

YouTube Video Replay is a new tool that lets you replay YouTube Videos.

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FillForm is a small extension to help you fill page forms.
Fill out current web all forms with a keyboard shortcut(Alt + Q).

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Black Youtube Theme

Dark style for Youtube. Also available for Google!

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The Web Genome Project

The Web Genome Project, powered by VortexDNA, is a Firefox addon that helps map the DNA of the web. Using the Web Genome Project addon allows you to search for pages in the Web Genome Project and sort them by relevance to you.

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QrCodeR Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

Auswahl, Link-Adressen und Grafiken per Rechtsklick in QR-Code umwandeln.

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GitHub Extension Installer Kein Neustart

Install Browser Extensions straight from GitHub Repositories

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Google Reverse Image Search Kein Neustart

Google Reverse Image Search is a simple tool that lets you search the images reversely on Google Images and find the other copies of the very image you are looking for on the web.

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Clean Links Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

Converts obfuscated or nested links to genuine clean links.

Eg: http://somesite.com/?to=www.example.comhttp://www.example.com/

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MAFIAAFire Redirector

Un-censor the net and illegally taken down domains.

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Perapera Japanese Popup Dictionary

Put your mouse over any Japanese words on a webpage and it gives you the pronunciation and definition. English, German, French, and Russian dictionaries; Save and export words for studying later!

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iMEGA Kein Neustart

This add-on is intended to ease the life of the regular MEGA user.

Please note this extension is NOT the official from Mega, for the real one please go to: https://mega.nz/#firefox

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CommentsBar - MySpace Comments Add-on

Post Comments to MySpace, Facebook, Tagged, Orkut or other social network without ever leaving your friend's profile!

Access thousands of categorized Comment graphics and funny stickers directly from your Firefox browser.

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Skip adf.ly skip!! Kein Neustart

Dieses Addon können Sie automatisch überspringen Werbung adf.ly. Grundsätzlich, wenn die Seite lädt die Website adf.ly mit verschiedenen anzeigen, wird direkt zu der Website, die sie wollen, aber warten Sie ein paar Sekunden.

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Spiritling Toolbar

This toolbar allows Spiritling-users to grab a snapshop of any screen, or it intelligently captures and embeds content from other popular sites such as YouTube automatically for you.

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Paquete de idioma español (España) de ChatZilla

Paquete de idioma español (es-ES) para ChatZilla

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Facebook Message Seen Disable Kein Neustart

Facebook Message Seen Disable lets you turn off Facebook's Message Seen feature automatically for your account. You can still use Seen feature for others.

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