Boycott Plus Benötigt Neustart

Subscribe to and create public boycott campaigns at boycottplus.org

When you browse to a website that isn't aligned with your values, Boycott Plus will display a message on screen to let you know.

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Earn For My School Funds Buddy

Lets you know whether purchasing at retailers that you visit online will raise funds for schools you nominate.

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Select and search for Amazon Benötigt Neustart

Select and search for Amazon, a new easy way to get to amazon. All you have to do is select any text, right click and you will go straight to search amazon with your selection. It couldn't be easier. It is a great addition to toolbar and unobtrusive.

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Emailage Fraud Risk Email Analyzer

Unlike solutions that require you to transmit sensitive data to determine fraud risk, the Emailage solution only requires an email address. The technology is derived from sophisticated machine learning that identifies new trends as they surface.

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Amazon Affiliate Fox Benötigt Neustart

Automatically adds your Amazon Tracking-IDs to Amazon.com (.de, .co.uk, .ca, .co.jp, .fr, .it, .es, .cn)
Generating direct links to the products without unnecessary redirects.

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Simple Calculator

Visually appealing simple calculator! can be used with mouse or keyboard

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Mes annonces LeBonCoin Benötigt Neustart

Cette extension permet d'enregistrer les annonces que vous publiez sur LeBonCoin afin de faciliter leur re-publication.

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VratnePenize.cz Benötigt Neustart

Upozorní vás na možnost vrácení peněz v e-shopech při přímé návštěvě

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FatWallet Express Benötigt Neustart

FatWallet Express automagically provides Cash Back notifications at over 1,600 participating stores.

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Hadopeer Benötigt Neustart

Verdrehen Sie die Spuren! Unser Modul erlaubt Ihnen, Ihre one-click "User-Agent" ändern: in anderen Worten, zu simulieren, mit einem anderen Browser als Firefox, wie Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari oder ihre mobilen Versionen.

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POBox1.0 Benötigt Neustart

Rapid accounts; Web screenshots; With the latest optimization software update.

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Comparamus: Check Price In Amazon Benötigt Neustart

Browse and compare deals on Amazon. Compare prices between different Amazon the world. Get a graph of the price history. Save buying the product in Amazon store with best price.

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Shops Away Mile Finder Benötigt Neustart

The Shops Away Mile Finder is a free toolbar to help you earn miles when you shop online with your favorite retailers.

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ShopDAQ Price Compare Benötigt Neustart

Comparison shopping browsing extension that automatically finds the best prices for any items that you view on the web, and coupons for any e-commerce site that you visit.

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Calculator with spreadsheet Benötigt Neustart

Integrated spreadsheet with 14 inline calculators to increase your mathematical decisions for projections and estimating,

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Money Converter

Convert from one currency to another and create and share custom set of currency conversions

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Argos Stock Checker Benötigt Neustart

When browsing Argos.ie, all product codes become links to checkargos.com to determine stock levels in Argos stores in Ireland.

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没得比 实时推送 Benötigt Neustart


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Site Info Buttons Benötigt Neustart

Site Info Buttons provides buttons you can place on your toolbar. Clicking on one provides more information about the site you're on. For example: clicking on the RetailMeNot button while visiting Amazon.com shows RetailMeNot coupons for Amazon.

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Lendable for Amazon Kindle

Clearly display if an Amazon Kindle book is lendable or not.

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