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eBuyer Tidy

Tidies up eBuyer.com PC components web store, allows more products per page

Makes eBuyer easier to navigate and shop.

Removes large banner
Shows Add to Cart buttons directly on list pages
Shows 100 products per page

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Dropkart Firefox Extension

Dropkart is your personal online and mobile shopping cart. The extension for Firefox helps you easily store products from any websites to your Dropkart account.

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Porównywarka cen Zmieniam.pl Kein Neustart

Chcesz kupić książkę, komputer, telewizor, buty do biegania? Szukasz polskiego sklepu z najlepszą ceną? Nie musisz - przeglądarka zrobi to za Ciebie i przedstawi ceny w innych sklepach. Wybierzesz najlepszą ofertę. Uzupełnia: ceneo, nokaut, allegro

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Das Firefox Gutschein Add-On von

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最新版本已移至易海淘官方网站 http://www.ehtao.net/, 请前往更新
在美国亚马逊、Drugstore、Vitacost 等购物网站的产品页面上直接显示人民币价格,并计算购买该商品的总成本,新增美国快递自动查询、通知功能, 同时提供谷歌浏览器(chrome)版本和IE版本,详情请至易海淘官方网站 www.ehtao.net

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Top UK Deals Kein Neustart

Displays latest Hot UK Deals from the popular UK website in a popup window.

The fastest way to browse latest UK Deals

Opens a fully functional small version of the HUKD website

Quick access to Deals, Vouchers, Freebies and Compettions.

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Unimerc - Amazon Price Tracker

Unimerc is an Amazon price tracker. Track Amazon prices without ever leaving Amazon's website. View a price history chart, set price alerts, and find some of the biggest discounts on Amazon.

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GratisTempel.de Gutscheintoolbar

Nie wieder nerviges Suchen nach gültigen Gutscheinen zum Sparen, das praktische Browser-Addon von GratisTempel.de zeigt immer die passenden Gutscheine an.

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The Big Gift List

Easily add an item to your 'Big Gift List' lists. Sign up for free and create your own gift lists at thebiggiftlist.com

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Search Amazon without the MarketPlace!
From any website for any product with just one click!

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Tarife.net Simple Search

This addon makes it possible to search a marked text from the website on www.tarife.net. How to do it? Mark a text on your site, open the context menu (right mouse click) and select the tarife.net menu item.

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Get eBay image

Enables extracting eBay item's large image from the description page.

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Gift Card Score - ScripSmart

The best way to find avoid gift card gotchas and find great gift cards.

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Haus-und-Garten Simple Search

This addon makes it possible to search a marked text from the website on haus-und-garten.info. How to do it? Mark a text on your site, open the context menu (right mouse click) and select the haus-und-garten menu item.

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This is a amazing QRCode generator extension. It can convert any text(Text/Code/URL/PhoneNo/SMS/Contact Information...) within pags in firefox to QRCode image. It helps to transfer data to your smartphone quickly.

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Quick Ebay Local Search Kein Neustart

Search your country's eBay marketplace quickly just right-clicking selected text on any page. All eBay marketplaces are supported! You may also search by category just from your contexual menu. Options: only auctions, free shipping and buy-it now.

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Simple add-on to switch between IKEA websites of two configurable countries/languages. Very helpful for cross-border-shopping.

While browsing on the IKEA website, simply click on the IKEA icon in the add-on bar to toggle country/language.

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This addon helps you with your search for android apps in the android market / play store.

It generates a QR code which is shown on the play store website and can be scanned with your smartphone so you can easily download the app to your device.

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