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Toggle Referer

This addon allows a user to toggle referers between 3 states:
Referer 0: Never send the Referer header or set document.referrer
Referer 1: Send the Referer header when clicking on a link, and set document.referrer for the following page

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CleanQuit (Desktop)

Clean up the mess and quit! Adds a CleanQuit button to firefox in order to clean up history and quit!
Port of the CleanQuit mobile version!

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This add-on removes advertisement from moto(.)kiev(.)ua site

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Enigma GPG allows you to encrypt messages through internet web applications. Ensuring the authenticity, privacy and confidentiality of messages for your Business.

Note: Plugin for Demo Live

Web Site:

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Clickjacking Reveal

This extension tries to warn you if it found clickjacking technique on the page you are viewing.

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New Plugin Disabler

Deactivates new plugins.

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Hide in Plain Sight

Encrypts text into human-looking text using steganography

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High-Tech Bridge and MITRE advisories lookup bar Benötigt Neustart

High-Tech Bridge and MITRE advisories search bar.

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Cookie Time

Call time on cookies you don't want or need. Cookie Time removes expired and unused cookies, and sets all other cookies to expire in a sensible timeframe.

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Сокращатель ссылок CatCut

Catcut URL shortener. Обрезать URL и создать короткую ссылку теперь очень просто с расширением СatCut.

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SSL BlueLight Benötigt Neustart

Nofitication of SSL Monitoring based on known inspection Certificates

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Manage your tabs in sandboxes increasing your privacy!

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Custom History Deleter Benötigt Neustart

By default Firefox provide five options to delete browsing history, which includes Last hour, last two hours, last four hours, last day and everything. This add-on deletes the history at Minute, Hour, Days and Week level.

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Hide your IP from websites with spoofed X-Forwarded-For headers.

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Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel

Permanently hides the Ads panel on the right side of New Yahoo! Mail, the 'Sponsored' email at the Top, and ads on the Left to give you a full-width Premium email experience for free! The other option, of course is to pay $50 a year to Yahoo! Inc. :)

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P-Key Password Generator

Protecting your online accounts just got easier!
Simply follow the user-friendly wizard and generate a secure password!

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Enable-Disable weak SSL ciphers

Just enables/disables a view ssl ciphers in about:config.

It's for some paranoid people like me :)

icons under CC BY 3.0 US
icons from FatCow Web Hosting -

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Brutfox Benötigt Neustart

Brute-force attacks on GET or POST forms

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Application permettant d'importer un certificat utilisateur dans le Keystore de Firefox.
Indispensable pour la version Android

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AutocompleteAnywhere (Beta)

This addon gives users the option to allow Firefox to remember their login information on forms which try to prevent this functionality. Just click the open padlock in your addons bar to allow Firefox to remember a particular form.

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