Paint dirt black

Removes offensive language throughout the web, making the WWW a better place.

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A Firefox toolbar with Arvind Lexicon Search facility!

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Ser or Estar - That is the question Kein Neustart

Highlights every form of the Spanish verbs "ser" or "estar" in any webpage and lets you see its conjugation.

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Text Translator

This tool is for keyword searching by using yahoo dictionary.
We can search the selected keyword on the web page, the tool will open a new tab for end-user and show the search result for this keyword in dictionary.

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Context Menu Google Translator

Translates from English to Greek and vice versa

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Online Hungarian<->English dictionary by SZTAKI based on Jaap A. Haitsma's Dictionary Search 0.4
TEST version

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英訳ポップ Kein Neustart

Ctrl+Alt+Zで On Off 可能です。

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Morpheus for ancient languages

Morhpeus addon integrates your browser with Morpheus - a simple morphological analyzer and dictionary for a latin language, which is used as web-service on http://diglossa.org. See more at http://diglossa.org/morpheus.

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Translator Gucker EN__dict.cc

Translate your word/short phrase from english to any of 15 languages and reverse on dict.cc

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Translator Gucker de__dict.cc

Translates your selected wort or phrase form de(german) to xx(your selected language).
I have selected 15 form a little more languages. Runs on dict.cc.

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Wikipedia Gucker

Mark a word or a phrase in your webdocument and open a wikipedia on this topic. 19 languages available.

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Context Dictionary Lookup Kein Neustart

Long-Click Dictionary. Definition will popup when left button pressed for one second.
"长按"单词, 快速查英语单词。它自动记录所查单词及其所出现的句子,利用你所读过的句子强化单词记忆
在线, 字典, 汉语, 翻译, 英汉, 英语, 词典

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Polyglossum NET

Дополнение позволяет с помощью контекстного меню браузера или горячих клавиш показать всплывающее окошко со словарями Polyglossum
и передать словарю команду на поиск слова, выделенного в браузере пользователем..

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Prosty słownik korzystający z kilku słowników internetowych.

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New Dimension of Web. Web 3.0

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Rikaichan Japanese-Russian Dictionary File

A dictionary file for Rikaichan.

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Rikaichan Japanese-French Dictionary File

A dictionary file for Rikaichan.

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Asystent Nauki Angielskiego

Pomoc w nauce angielskiego i rozumienia tekstów przez tłumaczenie pojedynczych, rzadkich słów.

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شامل 504 واژه انگلیسی به فارسی
همراه با پنجره یاد آور
504 english to persian (farsi) verbs
with remember alert

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Extensie de test Kein Neustart

Extensie folosita in teste pentru incarcare

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