TWiC - Translation of words in context

TWiC is a terminological assistance program for readers of foreign language documents.

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RikaiCake Custom JP-EN Dictionary Benötigt Neustart

The next generation Rikaichan dictionary catered for translators and Japanese enthusiasts. A fan creation by a single wholehearted translator.

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google translate toolbar button

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Open in Jisho & Wanikani

Adds context menu items to open selected text in Jisho.org and Wanikani.com's kanji and vocabulary page.

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Persian Calendar

Shows Persian Calendar (Jalali Caledar)
تقویم شمسی، جلالی

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Rikaichan Japanese-Hungarian Dictionary File Benötigt Neustart

This is a dictionary file add-on for the Rikaichan extension.

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Translate selected text on [ctrl+y] in mini window on dict.leo.org.

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One Solution to Correct Them All ™

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MouseoverDictionary Benötigt Neustart


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Transliterate Cyrillic Lacinka/Byelorussian texts to Latin script (with Byelorussian orthography)

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Powerful Spell and Style Checker by Lingofy

Proof your content like the pros - against the AP Stylebook or your own custom-made dictionary! Put an end to embarrassing mistakes.

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Transliterate Cyrillic Abecadlo/Ukrainian

Transliterate Cyrillic Abecadlo/Ukrainian texts to Latin script (with Ukrainian orthography)

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xora.be, Tłumacz

xora.be, Tłumacz

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Katakana 2 Romaji

Converts Japanese katakana into rōmaji.

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Esperanto x-system to Unicode Benötigt Neustart

Replaces x-system digraphs with their Unicode counterparts.

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Wikipedia Languages Filter

Filters the list of languages on Wikipedia pages according to your preferences

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SegmentFault 笔记

SegmentFault 笔记扩展,随时记录灵感片段,快速保存到你的 SegmentFault 帐号。亦可快速选择页面指定部分、精彩代码片段,右键“ 保存到 SegmentFault 笔记”。

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Text to Speech

Listen voice of text selected in web page; select text and click in context menu to listen voice

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Online Subtitles

Provides a "right click" way of adding SubRip (.srt) subtitles to online videos.

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