Translatyk Kein Neustart

Translatyk, translate a select text in a webpage using google translate services, only with one click, without making (ctrl c) + (ctrl v) and open de translator website, only select the text, click with the right button and a translate it

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Transliterate Kein Neustart

Input method editor library supporting more than 135 input methods across more than 62 languages.
Just move your focus to a input field, and select the language and keyboard. and start typing in your favorite language

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Transliterate Belarusian Cyrillic

Adds a transliteration of Belarusian Cyrillic to Latin alphabet.

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Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian Kein Neustart

Transliterate Cyrillic Tajik/Persian texts to Latin script

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Transliterate Kurdish Kein Neustart

Transliterate Kurdish webpages from Arabic script to Latin script

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Transliterate Russian Cyrillic

Transliteration des kyrillischen (Russisch) in das lateinischen Alphabet.

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Transliterate Ukrainian Cyrillic

Adds a transliteration of Ukrainian Cyrillic to Latin alphabet.

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Transliterator Kein Neustart

As-you-type phonetic conversion of text from one alphabet to another, as well as transliteration/detransliteration of selected text anywhere within documents. Supports multiple languages and custom transliteration schemes.

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Transmaker Kein Neustart

Transmaker was renamed to Replace Translator. Bug fix and adjustment of feature. Fully Reviewed.

Rewrite the selection in translation.

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Translate websites with just one button in your navigation bar. Uses Google Translate.

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TreeHouseTools Kein Neustart

Things that make sharing stuff with your tree easy.
For use with the Libertree project http://libertree.org/
MIT License

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The True Brazilian Pythonista is a firefox extension that will replace any reference to Ruby-BR to a Python Community Oriented website, focusing on curing the Ruby on Rails disease.

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TTS für Linux

TTS für Linux - Erweiterung ermöglicht die Wiedergabe ausgewählter Textabschnitte auf dem Bildschirm.

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TUC SBService Translator Kein Neustart

Translates the SBService of the TU Chemnitz (University in Germany) into English (There is no guarantee, that the translation is 100% acurate, use at own risk!). This AddOn is not affiliated nor endorsed by TU Chemnitz.

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Tunisia-Sat Plus

This Add-on is designed exclusively for TnSat Forums and it's built to provide some extra options and enhancements while surfing the various sections

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Turanslit is transliteration tool for Azerbaijani and Turkish languages.

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When writing in Turkish with a non-Turkish keyboard, we usually miss special Turkish characters, namely 'ç, ğ, ı, ö, ş, ü' in the words. Turkcelestir! automatically corrects Turkish words. Visit http://www.turkcelestir.net/ for more information.

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Turkish Deasciifier Kein Neustart

Turkish deasciifier: converts a Turkish text without Turkish letters into a text with proper Turkish letters. Simply right click in a text box or a text area and choose "Convert to Turkish".

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An extension that improves the Twitter.com frontend by adding the option to translate an individual tweet.

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