Subtitles Timeline

Subtitles Timeline allows viewing movie subtitles in a context: not only one line is shown, but several previous and future lines are visible next to video frame. That can be useful for studying foreign languages. Requires (free) VLC Mozilla plugin.

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Majstro Translate

Select a word on an internet page and translate it with only one mouseclick via Majstro.com. Don't select languages and more, let Majstro.com show you what you need to know and more...

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Kitsune is a Firefox extension which enables users to input Japanese in Firefox without external Japanse IME.

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Dodaje do menu kontekstowego słowniki synonimów (MegaSłownik oraz synonimy.ux.pl) i słowniki językowe (Ling.pl, Dict.pl, Diki.pl, Angool.pl, MegaSłownik i Onet.pl: Tłumacz).

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Átrója a világhálót!

Használat: F4 gomb vagy a rovás képecskéken kattintva

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Parallel Universe

One click extension to show the Unicode text in installed Unicode font.

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Bing Chinese-to-English Dictionary

This extension will help Chinese user to read English web page easily. If you are not Chinese people who read English page in Firefox daily, please ignore this extension!

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Parevu English-Gujarati Dictionary

1) Press Ctrl Key and Double click on any word
2) Select any word with mouse and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G
3) Select any word with mouse and Right Click anywhere in document and click on "Parevu English Gujarati Dictionary Translate"

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Perapera Japanese-German Dictionary File

This is additional dictionary file for use with the Perapera Japanese Pop-up Dictionary add-on.

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BufferInfinite : Online Video Subtitling Service. Kein Neustart

This addon lets you watch the YouTube videos with subtitles.

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Select-and-Translate Google Worldwide

Translate words with Google by selecting them. Get a pop up translation. Can be set for user's own language by choosing the Google website for that country.

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Roman Numeral Converter Kein Neustart

Convert Arabic numbers to Roman Numeral and vice versa!

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Tifinagh font package Kein Neustart

Tifinagh fallback font for Firefox for Android.

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Lat1toArabic Kein Neustart

Conversion les caractères sélectionné dans une page web du latin à arabe

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WIDHURA Dictionary SelectX

WIDHURA Dictionary is a digital dictionary tool for Windows NT platform. this add-on can send selected text in Firefox web browser.

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Pons Context Search

An extension for enabling pons.de context search

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Input Changer Kein Neustart

NOTE: there's NO button and you need Sqlite Manager. Useful for frequently used paraphrase in forms and online comments. Change the matches in your input with corresponding replacements. Configure which pages you want to apply the replacing rules.

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ReadPanel Kein Neustart

Read Japanese websites more easily with ReadPanel - click any word to see its dictionary definition instantly. Articles you read can also be saved and synced across your devices for studying anywhere.

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