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MyWeb New Tab Kein Neustart

Use one of hundreds of unique new tab page experiences brought to you by Brand Thunder.

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The Delta Game Kein Neustart

Play the Delta game directly from your browser.

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Time Restart

Allows you to specify the time to restart browser.

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Youtube Unblock VPN Kein Neustart

Youtube Unblock VPN is number one tool for unblocking youtube and any other web site!

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Oddshot Kein Neustart

Firefox extension for Oddshot

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Float View for Youtube. Kein Neustart

Cool and fun feature for Youtube to see video and comments within a same screen.

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SuperSteam Kein Neustart

Improving the Steam User Experience by giving the user information that can help make purchase decisions. We display stats about each game on steam on the store page! Super Steam is based on Enhanced Steam by jshackles. This add-on is 100% free.

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Disable Youtube HTML5 Player Kein Neustart

This add-on disable html5 player on youtube.com
If you can't watch video, install flash player here https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

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The One; The Original Fasterfox Gives performance & network tweaks for Firefox. Fasterfox makes your browsing so much faster!
Make your Sites Faster than a Fox with Fasterfox for FireFox!

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Manga Reader Kein Neustart

Read manga chapter-by-chapter

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WildFox Audio Add-On Kein Neustart

This add-on rewrites HTML 5 Audio tags to HTML 4 Embed tags, allowing one to use audio plugins (such as those from VLC and other mediaplayers) to play back the audio instead of relying on the browser's built-in capabilities.

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Twitch Now Kein Neustart

Twitch Now keeps users updated and connected to the Twitch experience outside of website.

Track your favorite streams easily with Twitch Now and get a notification when one of your favorite streams goes online.

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AutoJoin for SteamGifts Kein Neustart

Automatically enters giveaways from a Steamgifts.com page (main, wishlist or any other) and adds some extra features.

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Радио Zaycev.FM Kein Neustart

Плеер для прослушивания онлайн радио Зайцев.FM

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HTML5 Loop

Loop HTML5 Video and Music.

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Twitch Live Kein Neustart

A useful add-on for browsing Twitch.tv games, streams and getting notifications when your followed channel come online.

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Mozilla WebVR Plus Kein Neustart

Manages browser preferences for optimal WebVR support, avoiding the need to make about:config changes.

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Tower Ghost for Destiny Kein Neustart

This app allows you to transfer items between profiles, with various filters.

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Reddit on Youtube Kein Neustart

Adds Reddit comments to Youtube videos!

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NeverBlock Kein Neustart

NeverBlock – выполняет автоматический поиск действующего зеркала заблокированного интернет-ресурса, и пользователь практически мгновенно получает доступ к полноценной версии сайта.

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