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Musicmp3SPB Kein Neustart

Download mp3s and whole album from DIRECTLY, without additional clicks!

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DebridFF Kein Neustart

FREE download premium Rapidshare, Megaupload, Fileserve, Filesonic & many others via DebridMax.
If you like this extension, plz donate to

If you have Google Chrome instead, visit

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Copy Tab URLs

Copies the URLs of all open tabs

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161 Benutzer Button

Przycisk dodający aktualną stronę do indeksu portalu dzięki któremu można ściagnąć pliki multimedialne z aktualnej strony.

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OCR Web Kein Neustart

Optical Character Recognition in JS for Firefox based on ocrad.js

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AudioSaver Kein Neustart

AudioSaver save music when listen

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SaveAsFilename Kein Neustart

Makes the default filename used for saving pages be based on the filename, rather than the page title (undoing a change in the default behavior from Firefox 18).

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Get File

Get a file from an URL

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AllTube Download Kein Neustart

Easily download videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other websites.

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Network Bandwidth Saver Kein Neustart

A simple add-on for low bandwidth users that loads images only when they are in visible screen area.
Websites usually need a lot of bandwidth due to heavy usage of images. This add-on delays loading of images until they appear in the visible screen.

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Chicky's Booru-style Image Downloader

Automated image downloading and naming tool for "Booru" sites.

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Quick Drag 4 img Kein Neustart

Quick drag for image download and multiple url.
drag&drop multiple URLs, then oepn them in new tabs.
drag&drop multiple Images, then download them.
drag&drop text, then google it.

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Checker Link-Dead link check-Download link check is a website tools to help you find out the link want to download still A Live or Dead

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138 Benutzer Image Uploader

Upload images fast and easy to by right-clicking on them.

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MegaGet ParallelStreamer

Open videostreams in the best parallel streamer: download video with multiple parallel threads to increase your speed ratio and decrease lacks. Actually supported platforms: firedrive, nowvideo, speedvideo, xvidstage.

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Previous Folders

Save download location to Windows Explorer previous locations drop-down list.

Get quick access to previous folders in the File Picker window using the address bar drop-down list.

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Torrent leech quick download

Right click on Torrentleech's browse page and download any torrent.

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Baow Resource Manager

Baow Resource Manager is a tool that makes it easy to organize your web resources, download and save web pages , annotate with text or drawings, or edit documents and generate web pages.

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