딥링크 업로더 Kein Neustart

현재 페이지의 주소와 제목을 이용해 딥링크에 새 링크를 올립니다.

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TweetSave Kein Neustart

Adds a twitter option that saves tweets to TweetSave.com with one click.

TweetSave is a permanent archive of tweets that also generates mirrors on the WayBack machine and archive.today.

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Ticket Kein Neustart

Além de consultar o saldo de todos os seus cartões Ticket em apenas um clique, aqui você também encontra as melhores opções em benefícios refeição, alimentação, cultura, transporte e gestão de despesas da sua frota leve ou pesada.

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Messageries Multiples Kein Neustart

Cette extension vous permet de changer rapidement de messageries via une icône.
Compatible avec les principales messageries en France.
Une extension pour Mozilla Firefox très simple et très rapide à installer pour tous.

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Installiert ein Bookmarklet zum speichern von Surftipps bei keepy.net

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Open Serial Tabs

Create Serial Tabs with Load-Ahead Preparation from Bookmarks for Instant Viewing

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stratego remain visible Kein Neustart

Mark the screen by writing letters or numbers at your cursor position. Tested and working on stratego.com

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Save and Organize with Clipix Kein Neustart

Clipix is an unbelievably useful tool that lets you save and organize everything you care about.

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Annotate It Kein Neustart

Web Annotation with AnnotatorJS.org & storage at AnnotateIt.org

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Memory Games Kein Neustart

Improve your memory by playing following memory games.

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Online Math Games Kein Neustart

One can play following Math games using this application.
Arithmetic Game,
Fun Math,
Geometry Quiz,
Killer Sudoku,
Matchstick Math,
Math Man,
More or Less,
Math Search,
Math Lines,
Quick Math etc.

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Elliot! Search

These add-ons allow you to add all kinds and usefull search & functionality of elliot search engine in toolbar.
easy to access to search page with just one click .

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Padlet Mini Kein Neustart

Collect and bookmark the best of web for yourself or with friends.

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Xeckit Kein Neustart

The Xeck it! Firefox Add-on installs the Xecker button in your Firefox browser

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ZaSe newtab Kein Neustart

new tab

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Add to Dealsplus Kein Neustart

Shop, save, and share all the best offers online!

DealsPlus helps you discover, save, and share the best coupons and deals for all your favorite stores.

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vocabmonk Kein Neustart

Vocabmonk is a gamified and personalized vocabulary enhancement app, with a social touch to foster competitive learning driven by powerful and researched artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Ordino Kein Neustart

Use the Ordino Firefox Add-on to start adding resources from across the web into Ordino.

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Shiori Helper Kein Neustart

Provides functionality to work with Shiori app

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Odnoklassniki one click login

One click Odnoklassniki account access!

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