Personasizer allows you to expose more of your persona's header image. Useful for personas that have text or an important part of their content cut off by the browser's navigation elements.

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Show Quit Warning / Save Tabs Benötigt Neustart

This extension enable show quit warning option. When we want close firefox window with open tabs it show additional button allowing save all opened tabs.

Gdy zamykamy okno przeglądarki pokazuje dodatkowy przycisk pozwalający zapisać otwarte karty.

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Casey Case Converter Benötigt Neustart

Transforms strings in text-boxes to proper cases.

- Proper case
- UPPERcase
- lowercase

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Title Bar Tweaker Benötigt Neustart

Adds the window title back to the Firefox title bar.
Open options to customize style

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Get Styles

Смена тем и оформлений ВКонтакте.
После установки в меню вконтакте появится кнопка «Галерея тем» и там можно выбрать и применить любую понравившуюся тему.

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宅配便の配達状況 Benötigt Neustart


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Google Feature Search Benötigt Neustart

Toolbar which helps you in getting familier with the Google Features Search.

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EM Menu Benötigt Neustart

Quick access to Extensions through a submenu

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Australis Small Icons - Revived

A fixed version of the original "Australis Small Icons" plugin for Firefox 40 and above. Fixes the issue with the huge navigation bar icons after version 39. Makes navigation and tabs toolbar buttons smaller to save space.

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Tabs Open Relative (Modified) Benötigt Neustart

This add-on is a modified version of Tabs Open Relative ( combined with dikrib's fix.

Tabs open to the right of the current one, external links open according to

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WebAnnotator Benötigt Neustart

WebAnnotator is an annotation tool for Web pages.

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QuickPageZoom2 Benötigt Neustart

Adds two icons to the Add-on bar that enable quick access to the Full Page Zoom feature. Based upon QuickPageZoom by Juan Carlos Avila B. I have only re-uploaded the addon since it was removed.. Best regards.. q1k

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Gangnam style facebook theme Benötigt Neustart

Apply gangnam style facebook theme to your facebook profile , it will completely changes all your default facebook style.

For more tricks,tips and tutorials you can follow at my blog

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Spacebar Bounce Benötigt Neustart

Wouldn't it be nice to have a little more bounce in your spacebar action especially once you page all the way down and hit the rock bottom of a webpage with no where else to go? How about bouncing back to the top!

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Context Menu Keys for Mac Benötigt Neustart

Reveals the access keys (keyboard shortcuts) in context menus in Firefox for Macintosh.

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9 Benutzer preview Benötigt Neustart

With thebit.lyPreview Plugin for Firefox, whenever you hover over abit.lyURL on any web page, we display a tooltip showing the Page Title, Long URL, and any Click Data we have about the page the URL links to. If you hover over another short URL,http:...

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Wrap Switcher

Allow switch textarea “word wrap” attribute from them context menu.

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Dark Theme for YouTube™

A Dark and Smooth Theme for YouTube™.

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Unseen on Facebook TM

Blocks sending your 'seen' status from being sent to the other party on Facebook.

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FacebookBlocker Benötigt Neustart

Block Facebook content from appearing on other websites.

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