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Encode Decode Base64 Kein Neustart

Converts from ASCII or Unicode to Base64 by encoding the text and back from Base64 to ASCII or Unicode by decoding it

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Redective - The Reddit Search Detective

Quickly search for information about Reddit users.

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A Korean popup dictionary based on Rikaichan
Requires the additional dictionary addon.

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Did I have it? Kein Neustart

Display 'Already Own' label on games which I have in Steam. (Currently supported store: humble store)

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ip Plus NewTab

The thumbnails in the New Tab page (about:newtab) will be supplied with an IP address. Also, you can customize the number of the tiles.

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SuperPrice.Net Kein Neustart

This service can search products and price from world multiple shopping sites at once.

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Easy Clear Cache Kein Neustart

One click to clear browser cache.

Q. Is this a joke?
A. No, it is just a button the clears the cache

Q. Where is the button?
A. It should be at the top next to the menu, if it is not, go to customize to see all buttons

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YouTube Advertisement Blocker Kein Neustart

This is a YouTube Advertisemenet Blocker for FireFox. Only works with HTML version of YouTube videos

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YourOnlineChoices Plugin

Helps preserve your choices for online behavioural advertising from companies participating in the European OBA Self-Regulatory Programme.

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Blausen It

Blausen It scans websites for medical/scientific terms, and allows the user to view relevant animations, illustrations, and models.

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Physics Games Kein Neustart

Enjoy the games which are created using Physics properties like Gravity, Levitation, Electrode energy, Projectiles etc.

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YouTube Animated Thumbnails Kein Neustart

Firefox extension that animates the video thumbnails on YouTube.
Here's the source code: https://github.com/victorporof/YouTube-Animated-Thumbnails

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This add-on enables control your PrivacyProtectorGVN software directly from your browser. Note: PrivacyProtectorGVN software is required for full add-on functionality, free download from https://privacyprotector.eu
Demo: http://youtu.be/jMjN5rjMomo

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YouRepeat Kein Neustart

Adds a button under the YouTube player, giving the option to repeat videos and create GIFs.

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TwTrain Kein Neustart

can easily send a noble train in tribalwars.
just make 4 tabpages with your attack.
then go to the first one and click on the logo in the right upper corner.

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Website Analysis & SEO Tool Kein Neustart

Website analysis & SEO tool by iwebchk provides comprehensive website review in SEO, performance, validity, security, accessibility, social media, backlinks, visitors, technologies and usability.

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Coursera Autoplay Kein Neustart

Auto skip in-video quizes and continue to the next video when current video ends.

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Chili Safe Surf

Chili Safe Surf is the best way to a completely secure Web browsing experience.
It is a free cross-browser add-on that intercepts, processes, and filters all Web traffic, blocking any malicious content
and taking browser security to new levels.

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Онлайн радио от BYFFOX

В нашем каталоге собраны самые популярные и хитовые FM и интернет радиостанции разных жанров: поп, рок, шансон, диско, ретро, джаз, Dance, электронная музыка, юмор,информационные и развлекательные радиостанции.

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Keepfiles Kein Neustart

Télécharger plus facilement avec Keepfiles

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