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Gmail No Logout Kein Neustart

Cet addon empêche une personne de vous déconnecter de Gmail en cachant le bouton de déconnexion.
Pratique pour ne pas être déconnecté par un invité qui utilise votre ordinateur.

Pour pouvoir vous déconnecter, désactivez l'addon.

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Blockchain Lookup Kein Neustart

Blockchain Lookup is a simple Firefox Add-On that lets you search the bitcoin blockchain (blockchain.info) on the fly by introducing a "Blockchain Lookup" context menu item.

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img.bi Kein Neustart

Upload images to img.bi secure image hosting

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Basic percentage calculator Kein Neustart

Perform percentage calculations directly in Firefox

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Gibbon Kein Neustart

Gibbon Extension for Firefox - One click to put the best content in your learning flow

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Readable and Closable Tabs Kein Neustart

Customize the size and close buttons on Firefox tabs.

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Open Magnet from InfoHash

Select InfoHash or base32(InfoHash) or Magnet, right-click and choose "Open Magnet from InfoHash" in the menu, a magnet will open.

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Verbose Kein Neustart

Verbose is an English language dictionary, which helps you to get the definition of a word which you selected by your mouse click.

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Desktop Notifications for Trello Kein Neustart

Provides Desktop notification support for Trello on Firefox

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arclook websearch Kein Neustart

arclook.com is a meta engine which provides results from leading search engines and pay-per-click directories, including Yahoo!, open directory etc

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Auto arrange tabs Kein Neustart

When a tab is activated, moves it automatically to the right of all other tabs in the window.

This tries to mimic a heap-like behavior in the hope of diminishing tab management.

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Switch to new tab on startup Kein Neustart

If there is a 'New Tab' open, activate it on browser startup.

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Link to Travis Lite Kein Neustart

Add a URL on a travis-ci.org page to link to the travis-lite.com for the same page.

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Remember the link Kein Neustart

Remember the link is a place to save links, so you can tag share, and later search to find them later.

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Famous Quotes Kein Neustart

This Extension presents you the most famous quotes in history of humans! This Extension is developed by Bagf, Inc. All Images and quotes are free to use.. So, no infrigement of copyright(s).

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Add Search for Selection into Edit menu Kein Neustart

Add "Search for Selection" into Edit Menu

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CSS Live Reloader Kein Neustart

CSS Live Reloader is a firefox extension to ease website CSS development. The extension reloads a page CSS whenever it changes on the server, resulting in something close to live editing of the Cascading Stylesheet.

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IF3250-AFAadblocker Kein Neustart

a basic add-on for blocking advertisement on web page

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Try IT Yourself HTML5 editor Kein Neustart

Edit your file HTML directly online with highlight code, advance search and replace and filesystem API HTML5

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MICHAELTELECOM AG Toolbar Button Kein Neustart

Alle wichtigen Links zur MICHAELTELECOM AG + Suchfunktion Online-Shop

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