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eksi futbol

eksi sozluk'teki mac basliklarini bilgiyle donatir. rastgele butonunu "maclar" olarak degistirir.

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Credit card nanny detects fraudulent - or incompetent - websites that capture sensitive details (credit card numbers) and risk exposure of such details in clear text, often despite being behind SSL encrypted servers.

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99px.ru коллекционер изображений

Сохраняет изображения с любых сайтов в вашу коллекцию на сайте 99px.ru используя контекстное меню

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NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers Browser Theme

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, NBA Cleveland Official Basketball Theme and Extension includes: links to the Cav's site, news and a sidebar with video, blogs & news.

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CGPersia Toolbar

A toolbar extension to easily navigate CGPersia Forums.

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LORE (Literature Object Re-use and Exchange) enables literary scholars to author, publish and search annotations and compound objects.

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Abkürzungssuche für juristische Begriffe

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Facebook "Most recent" by default

Facebook Auto Live Feed is a plugin which automatically switches to "Most recent" instead of "Top news" when you first enter facebook. You can still switch to top news if you choose so but default will always be to switch to most recent. Enjoy! :)

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Perform SiteTrail lookups via right-click menu straight from your web browser! Find all kinds of info about websites around the world such as the site rank, site value, server location, site traffic, SEO statistics, site analytics and much more!

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W3Techs Website Technology Information

Opens a new tab and shows which web technologies the current site is using.

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The Firecoral Content Distribution Network

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Local file access proxy for JavaScript-based web applications running on Firefox.

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Visualize SSL fingerprint values and check if the HTTPS connection you're using matches what other people are seeing. WARNING: This extension reports data to a remote server, but you can utilize the reporting exclusion feature or disable reporting.

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Asp.Net Menu

This is a very simple add-on for asp.net developer.It's very useful for asp.net developer those who regularly visit the asp.net for documentation.Just add this handy menu right into context menu of Firefox and save valuable seconds.

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XOVI Online-Value-Index Viewer for Firefox

Zeigt die OVI (Online-Value-Index) in der Firefox Statusbar

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Word Search, by 1st breaking the text into degree equitable sets with degree being the length of each word, and then searching in the appropriate set (which will turn out to be much smaller).

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Bookmarks Toolbar Restyled

Hides the bookmarks text when "Icons" mode is selected except for bookmarks menu.

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Ws-news Reader

Расширение позволяет следить за свежими новостями, статьями и публикациями в блогах на сайте интернет клуба любителей зимнего спорта ws-news.ru

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noAds is a Firefox plugin wich modifies advertising links in order to make them direct.

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w3schools-search Kein Neustart

Search in w3schools EN, context-menu item active when selected text

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