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Open Link In Pinned Tab Kein Neustart

Adds a content menu item to open links in a pinned tab.

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Open Link In Program (OLIP)

Open`s (current) Link In Configured Program (OLIP). OLIP allows user to open/pass current URL as a parameter to external application. It also provides shortcut to copy base URL to clipboard.

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Open Link in Silent Tab Kein Neustart

Adds an option to open a link in a new tab without loading the page until you switch to the tab.

***New Version***

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Open link in...

Fügt dem Kontextmenü weitere Optionen zum Öffnen von Links in Tabs/Fenstern hinzu.

New background tab (or foreground tab if tabs normally open in the background), new background or foreground window, and current tab. Optionally uses a submenu.

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Open Links!

Opens the first 10 links from a Google results page in 10 new tabs.

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Open Long Url

Adds an option to your File menu to allow you to open long, multi-line...

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Open Magnet from InfoHash

Select InfoHash or base32(InfoHash) or Magnet, right-click and choose "Open Magnet from InfoHash" in the menu, a magnet will open.

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Open Mathematical Encyclopedia

Free mathematical encyclopedia

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Open Multiple Addresses Kein Neustart

Open multiple addresses at once

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Open Multiple Locations

Adds a "File" menu option to open multiple locations at a time.

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Open Multiple URLs Kein Neustart

Öffnet eine Liste von URLs.

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Open Play Kein Neustart

Расширение дает возможность переходить по ссылкам забаненых сайтов, если такие сайты имеют зеркала.

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Open Play Store with toolbar button

This Firefox addon adds an Play Store button to the top toolbar. This Play Store button opens Google Play Store in new tab.

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Open preset URL in Private Browsing window Kein Neustart

Display a toolbar button to open a preset URL in a new Private Browsing window.

Icon by Aha-Soft (, published under the CC Attribution 3.0 United States License.

16px version downscaled by aviav.

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Open Private Links Kein Neustart

Abre los links desde el click derecho en modo privado.

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Open Profile Folder

Open current profile folder from "Tools" menu or toolbar button.

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Open RegEdit Key Kein Neustart

[WINDOWS ONLY] Open selected registry key directly in the registry editor from context menu.

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Open Rewrite Firefox Extension Kein Neustart

Adds Ctrl + I hotkey (keyboard shortcut) to go to other search engine. Adds Ctrl + M to go to modify search query. This extension is aimed to be used with search engine.

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Open Search Notification

Beim Firefox 4 wurde die Anzeige für ein angebotenes Open-Search-Plugin entfernt (siehe Bug 430627).
Dieses Addon bringt Firefox 4 eine Open-Search-Benachrichtigung, genau wie sie Firefox 3.6 hat.

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Open Secure

Adds the ability to open a non-secure URL by applying the secure https protocol.

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