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Libup - Beautiful and practical start page

The most beautiful photos for your homepage and new tab on your firefox browser. Impressive backgrounds by the thousands. Discover each time you open firefox the most beautifully selected wallpapers. All with your favorite search engine.

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Lichess Berserker Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Lichess berserker for popular chess website
It adds a toggle button that enables auto-berserking

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Lichess Keyboard Support

Lichess keyboard support:
- press QKRNVP to select queen, king, rook, knight, bishop, pawn
- press ABCDEFGH fallowed by 12345678 to select a piece or a destination for move
- press M for single move
- press X for single capture

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Lick is the new Like

Change the Like button and icon on Facebook for the Lick button and icon.

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Licorize Benötigt Neustart

Licorize is the official Firefox add-on for, a minimalistic and fast to-do manager for sharing bookmarks, todos and work done.

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Licznik Blogowy dobreprogramy Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Licznik Blogowy pozwoli na szczegółową analizę statystyk każdego bloga na portalu Dodatek na żądanie pobierze wszystkie wpisy przeglądanego bloga i przedstawi wykresy oraz statystyki dla niego.

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Licznik kart Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Wyświetla liczbę kart w aktywnym oknie

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Liefert Amazon in Ihr Heimatland ? Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Durch Anklicken koennen Sie herausfinden, ob eine Ware von,,, in Ihr Heimatland geliefert werden kann. Die Anklickbox erscheint ausschliesslich auf Amazon-Produktseiten.

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Liferay Dev Assistant Benötigt Neustart

A firefox plugin to assist a liferay ui designer.

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LifeStream Age of Wulin Benötigt Neustart

Restez au courant de toutes les actualités autour du jeu Age of Wulin.
Retrouvez, en une seule liste, toutes les actualités consacrées au jeu en ligne Age of Wulin (gPotato).

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Get your age displayed in nano-years, each time you'll open a new tab, you'll be remembered that each second is unique.

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Light Dict


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Light FM Benötigt Neustart

Light FM - Firefox

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Light Switch

Allow to hide web content except multimedia elements.

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Lighted Buy Button

With single click, buy your favorite items with Lighted Buy Button

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Lighter Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Adds a button to open current page with Google's Web Light proxy.
You can also use Alt+Z shortcut key.

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Lighterweight Themes for Australis

This extension modifies Lightweight Themes (formerly, "Personas") to reduce their impact and control their visibility in Australis (Firefox 29+).

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LightFish - Best of the web on your iPhone Benötigt Neustart

Select best pieces of the web, view on iPhone and share with your friends.

Lightfish for iPhone lets you view on your mobile phone

"Live" gives you refreshed pieces from all sites you used.

Video to get started:

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LightLinky Firefox Addon

This add-on send messages from a Firefox browser to a device with LightLinky app installed. More info at

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Zeigt die letzten 5 Videos von Lightningsoul und eine Einblendung, wenn dieser auf Twitch live überträgt.

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