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Search Engine For Nylease

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nynorskvg Kein Neustart

Byter ut vg med nynorskvg. Vil leggja til fleire sider i framtida.

Switches with

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Adds controls and a monitor for a Usenet download daemon to the status bar and makes sending NZB files to the daemon easier

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nzbFox Kein Neustart

Adds the ability to send Usenet NZB files directly to SABnzbd+ or NZBGet download clients.

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Get the latest NZ Herald news straight to your browser.

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O que e isto?

Add-on especializado em buscar informacoes no Wikipdia sobre o que voce gostaria de saber sobre o texto selecionado.

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Notes like in Opera 12

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O2 Blokátor vianočného ošiaľu Kein Neustart

Pre všetkých, ktorí nepotrebujú pripomínať Vianoce v každej reklame na internete, sme pripravili špeciálny blokátor. Nainštalujte si ho do svojho prehliadača a zbavte sa vianočného ošiaľu.

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OAA Accessibility Extension

Testing and demonstration of the the features of the OpenAjax Alliance (OAA) Accessibility Evaluation Library API, Rules and Rulesets for evaluating web content for compliance with requirements of the W3C WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria.

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Oak Vocabulary

Oak Vocabulary Extension...

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A Flickr photo Uploader Addon for Performancing (1.3+) for Firefox. It will check the pictures in the publishing blog, upload the local ones to flickr and update the link to url of flickr...

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Oatmeal Icons for Facebook Kein Neustart

Replace Facebook like icons with icons created by The Oatmeal

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Launching OpenArena from the web. Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.0.

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Oberlin College Theme with Personas Interactive Kein Neustart

Go Yeo, this browser theme rules! If you're a true Oberlin fan, grab it now.

The only OC theme sanctioned by Oberlin Athletics
Breaking news from all OC sports
Breaking bad with other Yeomen fans on Facebook and Twitter

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objectivepedia Kein Neustart

Add to right click menu, the option WP2Objectivepedia ! whenever your on a Wikipedia page. It opens a tab on Objectivepedia on the corresponding article. if some text is selected, an option Objectivepedia this! appears. it performs a search on object

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* New Version supports Videos! Grab Anything!!

OblinQ is for the word-of-mouth personal recommendations we all have.
It lets you easily create your own shoppe or stores to show case things you like to recommend such as in Home decor, latest fashion,...

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ObPwd (Object-based Password) - Password generator

Generate strong text passwords from your photos, audio/video files, and documents.

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Obrázky do Kein Neustart

Plugin pro usnadnění vkládání obrázků do (Useful only for users of website)

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Obtrusive JavaScript Checker

Finds HTML elements with inline events and javascript: links

(Is now Inline Code Finder, an updated version with more options:

For Firebug:

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