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Statusbar button to turn the proxy on and off with a single click.

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Enable Proxy from single click

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Displays a QRCode(tm) in Page Info

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Ever needed to restart Firefox after enabling or disabling an extension, switching to a new theme, or modifying configuration files (such as userChrome.css or user.js)?

This simple extension adds a "Restart Firefox" item to the "File" menu. You can ...

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Quicksearch - удобный способ поиска выделенного текста на веб-странице. (Quicksearch is a convenient way to search selected text on a web page. It opens search block above where you can choose search engine.)

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Mit diesem faszinierenden Addon öffnen oder durchsuchen Sie die besten Seiten des Webs mit nur einem Klick. Preisvergleiche und Recherchen waren noch nie so schnell und bequem.

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a basic add-on

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Ever tired of searching Google for finding out the synonym of a word...Try out this add-on, it saves you the time as you can view the synonym of the word by just selecting and right clicking on it ! Moreover this addon does not rely on the internet !

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With this add-on, you can have the Transport for London Journey Planner always at your fingertip!

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Toggle cookies, javascript with a single click, and manage simple http proxy config, in the status bar.

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Allows to show or hide firefox and add-ons toolbars with a single click.

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A tool to preview any link / phrase and check WhoSpoke - opinions of others..

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Quick lookup in Wiktionary and Wikipedia, without the need to open a new tab.
Just right-click a word while shift / ctrl / alt is pressed.

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Edittool for Wikipediaauthors – With this add-on it is possible to make little edits to wikipedia articles without having to leave or reload the page, so the flow in reading an article is barely disturbed.

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Quidco Cashback Reminder

Quidco is the UK's number 1 cashback site. Never miss out on cashback ever again with the Quidco Cashback Reminder. Our new add on, displays no toolbar which may affect the view of your browser and is now compatible at over 4,200 retailers.

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Quiet Read

Adds a page to Quiet Read

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QuietUrl automatically converts mistyped or obfuscated URLs to valid ones, can obfuscate URLs on form submission for privacy and it also creates clickable links from text URLs, which works with incomplete URLs as well, like those in YouTube comments.

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With this Add-On you can upload your images to made available by

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Please write a review to get this out of Sandbox into mainstream!! Will be much appreciated!!
The quip (quick-ip) addon eliminates typing in the first two octets of the ip address. Typically in intranet testing or development environments, you access...http://172.16 part in preferences and change it to something else. You can also add a post fix to the address (for e.g: a port number) as well.

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