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Outlook Web App: Show Unread Count in Tab

This will check for unread messages when using the Outlook Web App and put the unread count in the Outlook Web App tab. Pretty simple javascript app wrapped in a Firefox Extension.

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Tweet Clicker Kein Neustart

Auto update twitter web page.

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select2call Kein Neustart

Add-on allows direct dialing from Firefox on compatible phone supporting URL dialling (e.g. Elmeg, Grandstream, Cisco, etc.). Just edit dial URL in settings, selected number will be appended to the end of URL.

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СловоУч - добавление слов в словарь Kein Neustart

Позволяет просматривать и добавлять в свой личный словарь слова с любых сайтов. Двойным кликом мышки вы можете просмотреть все доступные переводы, прослушать произношение, и добавить слово в личный словарь.

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AnsiLove for Firefox

View text-mode art directly in FireFox.

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Anime Terbaru di Kein Neustart

Untuk melihat Anime yang baru di Upload di

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淘宝彩票投注单下载 Kein Neustart


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Karmacracy Kein Neustart

Descubre el contenido más compartido de la red y comparte tus propios enlaces obteniendo datos sobre tu relevancia, divirtiéndote e incluso rentabilizando tu influencia.

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FsH Toolbar

FsH Toolbar allows quick and easy access to member features

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ABC Alfa-Bravo-Charlie Table Kein Neustart

Simple Alfa-Bravo-Charlie Table for add-on bar in Firefox

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xkcd #1288: Substitutions ('Cloud To Butt' Fork)

Replaces the text on websites according to the xkcd comic #1288 ('Substitutions'). Derived from the work of Steven Frank's cloud-to-butt Chrome extension and Chris Wright's Firefox version.

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Savana Sinhala News Reader

“SAVANA” is a TTS browser application for Sinhala Unicode text .
This is developed as a university undergraduate project of engineering graduate of the department of electrical and computer engineering ,The Open University of Sri Lanka,

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Deal Hunter

This tool makes your deal hunting easier. With just one click, you can search most popular shopping web sites simultaneously. Search results from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. are presented in different tabs for easier comparison.

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Quora Extender Kein Neustart

Extends Quora with new features.

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Linktagram Addon

Никога повече не губете линк! С това приложение, можете бързо и лесно да добавяте линкове към профилът ви в Linktagram, само с 1 клик!

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Analytics & Reporting Tool - Start Now For Free Kein Neustart

PPC & Analytics Automation Software - For Excellent PPC Reporting

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A Customized Toolbar Link Button called Epay button which will open directly to the login page of

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SusBlocker (IF3250-ITB) Kein Neustart

A no-frills ad blocker.

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BlockDulu (IF3250-ITB) Kein Neustart

Advertisement Block by SusDulu III Corporatoin

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COMENT.ME - easy way to comment a websites Kein Neustart

Comment, sign or draw anything right over the page. Share the result with your friends and colleagues.

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