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Визуальные закладки Markbooq

Расширение Markbooq предназначено для быстрого и удобного доступа ко всем своим закладкам в личном кабинете и моментального добавления выбранного сайта в нужный раздел.
Попробуйте, Вам понравится!

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Ermis CMS Security Scanner

A free tool that lets you check if any domain is running WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, the CMS version and any known security vulnerabilities.

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Notes pour Pronotes

Notes permet de calculer la moyenne automatiquement sur Pronotes.

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Helper utility for enabling screen sharing

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In Active Window only, or in All Windows:
- Sort your Tabs (by URL, Title, Last Seen sort, ...),
- Remove Duplicates,
- Find Tabs (by Title, URL, Content :D! Use Regex.),
- Retrieve closed,
- Linkify,
- Merge Windows...

...and much more ^ ^!

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Cirilicar - dodatak za srpsku cirilicu. / Add-on for Serbian cyrillic.
Pretvara latinicnu stranicu u cirilicnu jednim klikom. / Turns latin letters page into cyrillic in one click.

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Screen Capturing

Captures and shares your screen in Firefox

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黑苹果驱动之家快捷工具 Benötigt Neustart

黑苹果驱动之家 - 您身边的黑苹果电脑专家

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Расширение для форума игры World of Warplanes. Показывает рейтинг игрока по версии сайта рядом с его ником.

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Easily share text or link from browser to android device.

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Automate your ticket booking with greater Speed. Just book your tatkal tickets easily to win the competition. It's as simple as you have to just enter captcha. Just visit

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Spann Reminder

Reminds to give your eyes 10 mins rest every hour - by

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Store and share you links in one click!

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Supporte kostenlos Deinen Lieblings(internet)menschen mit Brezl!

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Block "read more"

Blocks "read-more" style elements on several popular websites, to help stay focussed on the actual content you were looking for.

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Block comments

This addon blocks comments on some websites where they are notoriously bad.

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Смотри и скачай своё кино! [FE]

Скачивайте и смотрите онлайн фильмы на любом информационном кино-сайте (КиноПоиск и др.)

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An Add-On to track the Bing vs Google usage. The extension only gathers the host, language, and market info.

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