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Search for books in your local library using Amazon!

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Copy URL With Hash

Copy a page's URL with a hash at the end that identifies the location on the page

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Confirm with users before opening any mailto link on the page through their default email client.

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This can be used to set or reset any proxy server address with default port 443 for your browser.

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Removes all fixed elements to reduce distraction while reading.

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CheckYourTrack - mail tracking tool

Convenient extension for tracking your packages from Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress or any other web store

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Cascading Style Sheets can be tricky. Placing an outline on every element can help you figure out what is going on.
This extension inserts the Pesticide CSS into the current page, outlining each element to better see placement on the page.

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برنامج عربي

برنامج عربي يمكنك من الوصول الى أي موقع بإستخدام اللغة العربية

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SRKiosk Benötigt Neustart

SRKiosk: a fullscreen kiosk with all menus, keys etc. disabled

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One-click bookmark saving tool. Save your bookmarks on the cloud with

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add bookmark to toolbar

Add a bookmark of the active tab to toolbar just on one click.

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Simple password generator

password generator

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The latest updates on politics, business, economics, society, media and advertising, technology and sport from Capital Weekly

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Page Hacker Revived Benötigt Neustart

Adds a toolbar to edit and format the current page

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阪大の人向けの拡張機能 Benötigt Neustart


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SJW to Liberal Benötigt Neustart

Replaces the text 'SJW' with 'liberal'. Fork of Cloud To Butt Plus.

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Preview or Download

Asks the user if they want to preview the pdf or download it.

***New Version***

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Ello for Firefox! (Unofficial)

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Twitch Tracker

Tracks your favorite Twitch streams and lets you know who's online and what games they're playing.

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XML Monospace Benötigt Neustart

Displays xml responses with View > Page Style > Monospace.

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