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AutoComplete Requires Restart

Adds auto completion to input fields.

Use context menu to add selected text to auto-completion list or use editor by clicking the addons icon.

Press ctrl-space to activate auto-completion. If multiple strings match, a list box will be shown.

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AutoCopyAndOpen Requires Restart

This add-on automatically copies to the clipboard the selected text and searches for http addresses. If found someone, opening in a new tab, or if adresses is more than one then added to the context-menu

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autojump moderator Requires Restart

On load moderator/user page:
auto-jumps to "firm name" field;
shrinks transportline and category iframes.

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AutoPinTabs Requires Restart

Activa al inicio las Tabs que quieres Pinear

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AutoTradutor Inglês para Português Requires Restart

Forma fácil e rápida de traduzir textos diretamente no navegador.

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avi33t Requires Restart

things are very simple in life,keep smiling always..
Group studying now a click away!

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Awesome Facts Requires Restart

Get an interesting fact delivered to you on every page you visit!

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Backlink Explorer Requires Restart

Backlinkcheck für Offpage SEO Analysen. Besuchen Sie für mehr Informationen.

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widget Headline News of

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BEAMSActivator Requires Restart

This add-on is only for BEAMS ERP users to activate full features.

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Beginfo Requires Restart

Easy tool to collect text you find on web pages, and to bookmark your favorite pages. The text and bookmarks you have collected will be visible at your personal page at

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Benedictine Divine Office Requires Restart

Catholic Prayer Hours as practiced for centuries through the day provided and described: Matins, Lauds, Sext, Terce, None, Vespers, Compline. Liturgy for Major and Minor Hours. Time feature to be added!

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BeSoccer2 (1) Requires Restart

Roll Tide

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BeSoccer2 (2) Requires Restart

Alabama Crimson Tide

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Better JWB for ZJU Requires Restart


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BFCNC-Link Requires Restart

My first Add-on for Firefox! It places a Favicon from my site to your Add-o-bar in the lower right hand corner of the browser. Click on it to go instantly to my site.

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bg2blank Requires Restart

add-on que insere uma imagem de background no about:blank e about:home

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Bing Search Requires Restart

Bing Search in contextual menu. Every comments are welcome

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BiteScore Requires Restart

We promote better dining decisions by bringing health inspection scores from behind a store window to your favorite online browser. Supports adding public NYC health ratings on,, and

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Biz Scrambler Requires Restart

A great place to find local business reviews, recommendations, ratings, comments, social media, and more.

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