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SlyZoom Kein Neustart

A zoom slider, for some sly zooming.

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Select Address Bar Plus - Linux Kein Neustart

Selects the address bar in Firefox running under Linux OS with a single click

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Famous Adage Kein Neustart

Famous Adages, Sayings, Proverbs ... and more.

A big and interesting collection from

Read this collection of famous sayings. They will stay with you forever !

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Youtube Suchleisten Fixer Kein Neustart

Einfaches AddOn, was die Suchleiste auf Youtube-Seiten nicht mitscrollt.

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BitDo Link Shortener Kein Neustart

Shrink any link!

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Z:wordz Kein Neustart

The Z:wordz search extension. Use your Z:wordz link to access your webpage instantly.

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Perfect Redirector Kein Neustart

Automatically prevents Malware from known malicious websites. Prevents loading of known blacklisted sites, browse the net-safer!

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SWAT Page Capture Tool Kein Neustart

Web page source capture tool for SWAT, supporting pages with frames and realtime HTML rendering.

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East Texas Baptist University Interactive Theme Kein Neustart

The official theme for East Texas Baptist U athletics! Get it today to enjoy: An awesome ETBU theme, breaking news, and social connections with Facebook & Twitter.

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Time Signal Kein Neustart

A addon that signals you when you've spent too much

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Cruisecontrol Kein Neustart

A browser extension that replaces pictures of Tom Cruise with kittens.

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X-20Mins (Anti 'Ver más en:') Kein Neustart

Mod para la web de 20 Minutos

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CommonKey Kein Neustart

CommonKey | team password management and sharing for collaborative companies. Protect the keys to your company with CommonKey, your team password manager for sharing and collaboration!

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TweetSave Kein Neustart

Adds a twitter option that saves tweets to with one click.

TweetSave is a permanent archive of tweets that also generates mirrors on the WayBack machine and

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eyedropper Button

Grab a color from the screen with a button.

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/r/CFB Easy Flair

Easily insert flair into /r/CFB posts with a shorthand system.

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Communicator Call Kein Neustart

Use Communicator to call numbers in Firefox.

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Notifier for Twitter™ Kein Neustart

Notifier for Twitter™ is a fully-fledged Twitter client for your browser

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add bookmark to toolbar Kein Neustart

Add a bookmark of the active tab to toolbar just on one click.

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SpeedView Kein Neustart

Quickly view all external JavaScript and CSS files on the current page.

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