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Информер баланса "СетиТагила"

Отображает текущий баланс Вашего счета у интернет провайдера «СетиТагила» и предупреждает, если средства на счету заканчиваются.

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Custom Bar Benötigt Neustart

This is a custom bar

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Buy tech with no regret. Get instant access to the best content about the products you're browsing.

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Sk-Live直播列表, Twitch聊天室表情icon

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Colorify Firefox Benötigt Neustart

Click on any of the Colorify toolbar buttons to change the overall color of the page.

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CodeNav makes it easier to explore code on Github.

* Hover over a variable to highlight other references and visualize them on your scrollbar.
* Click an object or variable to search for other instances in the same project.

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Joshua Tree Extension Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Usability enhancements for The Housing Bubble Blog (

Adds useful features such as tracking/identifying new posts, a navigation toolbar, and an ignore list.

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Tcheuminator Weapon

Little add-on that takes care of you on Pennergame - Sylt.

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Mes idées recettes Auchandirect

Ajoutez des recettes à vos idées grâce à cette extension Auchan Direct !

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SoundLogin Benötigt Neustart

SoundLogin - two-factor authentication at the speed of sound

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Extensión que mejora la usabilidad de los foros de

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a basic add-on

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Furaffinity Preview

just a small addon for Furaffinity to show bigger previews when you mouseover a thumbnail

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This add-on allows you to add items directly to your giftry from anywhere on the web.

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Block websites for a given time to help you focus on work/study. Using a "browser 10 min then block 50 min" dynamic schedule approach (time adjustable).

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Steam Linkfilter Bypass

Bypass the "You are leaving Steam" notice when clicking on links in Steam chat.

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Favim Benötigt Neustart

Save images from any website to your account on

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Google Analytics

The unofficial Google Analytics Addon

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Sniply - Drive Conversion Through Content Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Sniply lets you embed messages into every page you share. It’s the best way to promote yourself while sharing content.

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Enables searching within a subreddit without the RES bloat.

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