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VERISIGN DomainView dispays the trend for the registered domain names .

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BooNote Firefox Extension

Firefox Extension for service. Bookmarks, Notes and More always at your side!

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mxr-vim Kein Neustart

Integrate MXR with vim

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Open about:permissions

Firefox 6 introduces new Permissions Manager which you can find under URL "about:permissions". This add-on adds link to the menu where you cannot find link to this manager at this moment.

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Which? Shopping Toolbar

When shopping online, the Which? Shopping Toolbar will automatically recognise the product you are looking at and how much it costs. Within seconds the toolbar will appear with the cheaper price and a direct link to the Which? review, if available.

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Google by Image Restartless

Adds an option to search an image on Google Search By Image in your right click (context) menu.

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Know exactly where resides the server that's hosting the site you are looking at, with a simple click you can perform various tests on it! FoxLocation gives you informations on "that site's server" and gives you the power of DNSQueries tests!

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Weibo in Firefox

embed in Firefox making it easy to use.

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MxToolbox BAR

Very Simple MX Toolbar. Type your domain and hit enter.

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Surf Internet while watching TV and viceversa!

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Fetion in Firefox

send SMS to your friends in Firefox through Fetion. 在Firefox中直接给好友或自己发短信.

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Quickly preform a Google search on the same topic you are viewing.

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SignNow Kein Neustart

SignNow is the easiest way to sign documents or get documents signed 100% free. This extension is no longer supported, please use

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Photo Importer

Move photos from facebook to google+. Even lets you move your tagged photos!

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about:telemetry Kein Neustart

Display telemetry data in about:telemetry. See for descriptions. See for aggregated data.

*** NOTE ***: Firefox 19+ has a built-in about:telemetry page

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Created for which allows you find out websites belong to the same owner.

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Allows you to take notes from browser.

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Suggy Addon

Suggy identifies your interests, suggests new webpages and connects you with new people. Find out what you are interested in on the Web, discover new websites and people matching your interests, discuss & share your interests on the Web.

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Dago Meta Search Kein Neustart

Dago MP3 PDF Meta Image Video Xtreme Trend Map Syntax Office Article Directory search engine

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Domain Pass Lite Kein Neustart

Surf light!
- Auto-filter out common guest domains [ Into Filter List ]
- Let us include/opt-in the domains that we want [ Exception List ]

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