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Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help. Open-Dyslexic is an open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia.

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Scroll Up Kein Neustart

Scroll UP to the top of the page. You will see a small arrow at the right bottom corner of the webpage when you scroll down. Clicking on it will take you straight up to the top of the page.

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Pennyful CashBack India Kein Neustart

The Pennyful CashBack extension makes earning CashBack and finding coupons convenient.

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Cozy Reddit Kein Neustart

Improves Reddit usability and highlights new comments (with sync between machines)

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Tetherly addon Kein Neustart

Share Webpages Instantly.

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L'Opinion Kein Neustart

Annotez, partagez et diffusez votre opinion sur les réseaux sociaux !

L’extension L’Opinion vous permet de partager n’importe quel passage d’un article sur Facebook, Twitter ou par mail.

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Memrise Media Blocker Kein Neustart

Plugin to block media on

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cover Kein Neustart

Protect yourself from shocking images. All pictures are blurred and you can make them fully visible with a mouse move, one by one.

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Airtel broadband data tracker Kein Neustart

This is an add-on which enables, one click check of remaining high speed data quota for Airtel broadband user.

1. This add-on works on those systems which is on airtel broadband connection.
2. Tested to be working in Karnataka, India.

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YouTube automatisch in High Definition (HD) 1080p

Startet YouTube Videos automatisch in 1080p High Definition. 720p: YouTube Videos automatisch in HighDefinition (HD) 720p

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Un-StartSSL-ify Kein Neustart

Removes/distrusts StartCom's certificate authorities.

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Quick Context 2 Kein Neustart

Displays the context menu when text is selected.

***New Version***

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Tabbed View Source Kein Neustart

View Page Source in New Tab, Current Tab or New Window

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Ever had to edit a photo while working on a design and wished you had a handy photo editor right there, without having to open an extra desktop application? Here is PhotoFoxx!. Just click on the toolbar icon and start editing your photos.

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eazyhomepage Kein Neustart is First Visual Directory of Indian Useful Websites, Newspapers and Magazines, All useful websites organized in one quick start page for Internet users.

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DoubleClick ContextMenu Continued Kein Neustart

Opera like double clicks on text context menu.

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Intercept YouTube Links Kein Neustart

Inserts a hop to all watch links on YouTube in order to disable auto-play. The link won't be inserted by a normal click, only middle-click/context menu/D'n'D.

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Meseek Search Widget Kein Neustart is a New Way to Experience the Net! Meseek gathers the Top 90 most relevant results to your search and Millions more!

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SocialMediaTXT Kein Neustart

SocialMediaTXT with Australis UI.

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