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immunity Kein Neustart

A simple way to turn off Javascript and Cookies with one click.

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Londinium Toolbar for Firefox. Provides quick and easy access to the londinium .com directory of London.

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Context Menu Google Translator

Translates from English to Greek and vice versa

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URL Escape and Unescape

You can escape and Un-escape the URL by one click. You can convert your text as escaped(Secured text) and un-escape later.

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Quizlet add-on

This add-on will take you to the Quizlet web site.

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Text Translator

This tool is for keyword searching by using yahoo dictionary.
We can search the selected keyword on the web page, the tool will open a new tab for end-user and show the search result for this keyword in dictionary.

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Dota-Trade Advanced

Extension that automatically check and show desktop notification if there is new messages on site.

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AddOmmmm Kein Neustart

Spielt komische meditative Musik, dreht alle Seiten um 180 Grad und zeigt alle 15 Sekunden eine Lasagne mit Pferdegeräuschen an.

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BingPinTab Kein Neustart

A Firefox AddOn that play an audible notification when there is a change on a pin tab.
In addition to the visual notification already displayed on tabs, the ding / bell sound make you aware of the status of your tabs even when you are not watching.

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Royal Rates

Лучшие кредитные автоматы в Рунете теперь у вас под рукой – непосредственно в вашем браузере. А это значит, что получить выгодный кредит WebMoney теперь можно практически без усилий.

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Royal Rates Money

Экономьте свое драгоценное время и деньги! Все самые свежие и выгодные курсы обмена электронных валют у вас под рукой — в вашем браузере.

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Търгувай още по-лесно с приставката за браузър на TRADER.BG, която дава бърз достъп до FOREX пазарите.

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Voucher-Code Finder UK IE

The Voucher-Code Finder browser plugin of helps you to find discount vouchers, bargains and discount offers for your favourite online stores in UK and Ireland.

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amasapo Kein Neustart


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MoreSearchContextMenu Kein Neustart

Add-on that allow you to add multiple search engines in the context menu.
Also can be use for fast translation by google like this{0}

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Quick Drag 4 img Kein Neustart

Quick drag for image download and multiple url.
drag&drop multiple URLs, then oepn them in new tabs.
drag&drop multiple Images, then download them.
drag&drop text, then google it.

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multiplaceHolder Kein Neustart

Enable you to sleep/duplicate/placehold/kill multiple tabs at a time.

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Berlo-Buddy 1.0.1 Kein Neustart

Streamlines Berlo cataloging processes at Branner Earth Sciences Library, Stanford University.

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Allows assigning 2-letter abbreviations to sites and displays them in taskbar instead of regular firefox icon. Requires .NET framework 2.0.

Also check: (for beta/pre-release versions).

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Wargae 1942, magyar verzióhoz kis kalkulátor a HQ lapra

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