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Partager sur elCurator Kein Neustart

Extension elCurator : le meilleur moyen de partager tous vos contenus avec vos collaborateurs.
Partez à l’abordage du web avec elCurator et rejoignez nous gratuitement.
Partagez le meilleur contenu (articles, vidéos, …) avec vos collaborateurs !

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No Slideshows! Kein Neustart

Converts slideshows to web pages where possible (

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Lang-8 NG filter Kein Neustart

Lang-8 NG filter you don't want to see.

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Mega Radar Kein Neustart

Pesquisar e comparar preços nunca foi tão fácil.

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Memory Games Kein Neustart

Improve your memory by playing following memory games.

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Voxity Click-to-call Kein Neustart

Allow you to click on any phonenumber contained in a web page to launch a call using your Voxity telephony system.

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PDF Control Kein Neustart

Gives you an option before opening the pdf inside firefox.

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Who Commented Kein Neustart

Gives you list of all the usernames that commented on a post, or who submitted a post on reddit (depending where you ask) hit the button :)

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Socials Kein Neustart

This addon let's you switch between different social networks.

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SmallURL Kein Neustart

SmallURL for Firefox, Smallify in a click!

The small and simple URL Shortener has hit Firefox!
You can now shorten your URLS in a click, They're even put on your clipboard too!

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Ultra Compact Mouse Gesture Extension.

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University of Arkansas Razorbacks Theme Kein Neustart

Get the Razorbacks browser theme! The only official theme for the University of Arkansas athletics, and it features: The Razorbacks spirit and style Breaking news from all sports Social connections with Facebook and Twitter Try it today!

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Annotate It Kein Neustart

Web Annotation with & storage at

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Xeko Extension Kein Neustart

a basic add-on

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Cryptiv Kein Neustart

Enables you to send digital currencies on all your favourite social media networks from one simple wallet.

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Toontown Rewritten Invasion Notifier Kein Neustart

Notifies you when an invasion occurs on Toontown Rewritten.

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Bottom UI Kein Neustart

Bottom centric user interface.

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Plugin Kein Neustart

Dzięki tej wtyczce szybko skrócisz swój link i udostępnisz go dalej! Najkrótsze linki, możliwość zmiany tytułu i inne dzięki

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dotHIV - die digitale Rote Schleife Kein Neustart

Entdecke das globale Netzwerk von dotHIV - die Rote Schleife des digitalen Zeitalters.

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WigBear Kein Neustart

SSL を利用したページへのアクセス時に、プライベートブラウジングモードの利用を促すアドオンです。
共有PC への導入目的で作成しました。

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