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Larger Livemarks

Increases livemarks max width

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Veoh Video Compass

Surface relevant video and search recommendations as you use some of the Web’s most popular sites, including Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Craigslist, eBay, Amazon and many more! If you find a video you want to watch, you can play it without leaving the pa...

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Monitors your Tiles@Home Account

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This add-on is for members of only!!

Liberty Guard add-on protects its users against phishing(fake) websites that look like

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ChristianMingle Toolbar Toolbar

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Expression Evaluator (using BODMAS)

Given an expression, it evaluates the expression using Bodmas Rule.

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The Module-Tag

Eine Implementation des Module-Tag nach Douglas Crockford.
In Erweiterung zu Crockford können auch Nachrichten zwischen Modulen ausgetauscht werden.
Beispiele sind unter der URL: "" verfügbar

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Chromin Frame

Chromin Frame places the tab bar at the top of window, and replace the title bar and window frame bringing it closer to the Chrome look.

It's design to work with any theme.

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Income Tax Calculator India

Estimate Income Tax Liability For Individual in India

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autocomplete popup resize

Resize autocomplete popup by mouse dragging

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My CodeIgniter

敏捷 PHP 框架 CodeIgniter 的 Firefox 扩展。帮助 Web 开发者提高开发效率。

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Replace URI


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iGoogle Tab Remover

Hides the iGoogle left navigation tabs and header, so you can have more room to browse.

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Mother's Day - part of the Holiday 2009 Boom!

This Brand Thunder "Boom" brings 2009 Holidays to your browser... now featuring Mother's Day! Also includes the popular extension, Surf Canyon which enhances your search results.

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President Obama Theme with Personas Interactive

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. President Obama Interactive Theme: Includes embedded scrolling news and an expandable sidebar with video!

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Wurzelimperium Gieß-O-Mat

Automatisiert die Gießarbeit bei Wurzelimperium

- Lokalisierung nur deutsch, da Webseite rein deutsch
- Funktioniert nur mit Einfeld-Pflanzen
- Server ggf. anzupassen

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Google Reader List Opacity

Set reading list opacity based on the number of unread items

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红晋江( )网站帖子的右键查询菜单,仅在红晋江网站内有效。
有问题可邮件 反馈。

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关键字的模糊查询不仅限于绿晋江,采用 bubble7733 的google自定义搜索引擎。
有问题可邮件 反馈。

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Tidy Favorites

Tidy up your favorites with live thumbnails. Conveniently use the same set of favorites and the same convenient user interface in all of your browsers - IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera!
Note: you need setup additional program except addon.

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