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Quick Drag 4 img Kein Neustart

Quick drag for image download and multiple url.
drag&drop multiple URLs, then oepn them in new tabs.
drag&drop multiple Images, then download them.
drag&drop text, then google it.

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multiplaceHolder Kein Neustart

Enable you to sleep/duplicate/placehold/kill multiple tabs at a time.

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Allows assigning 2-letter abbreviations to sites and displays them in taskbar instead of regular firefox icon. Requires .NET framework 2.0.

Also check: (for beta/pre-release versions).

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Wargae 1942, magyar verzióhoz kis kalkulátor a HQ lapra

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Derek - Dirty Boxers Affiliate Redirect

Automatically redirects affiliate URLs to add DB affiliate codes. Users do not pay anything extra.

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Панель быстрых ссылок сайта

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500friends Browser App

The 500friends browser app searches the web for the best prices while you shop online. When it finds a lower price, you'll receive a notification of the savings and linked directly to the better offer.

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2 Benutzer DeadDrop Kein Neustart

XSS Payload DeadDrop utility for

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Hangrz Discover Button

The Hangrz extension allows users to quickly add images from any site to their account.

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KHANDBAHALE.COM Marathi Spell Checker.

KHANDBAHALE.COM Marathi Spell Checker. World's first ever spell checker for Marathi. मराठी स्पेल चेकर
# How to Use?
= Right Click to red marked misspelled word to correct it.
- - a free multilingual dictionary!

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This is the official outdoorcoverpros extension for you to search for covers to maintain your luxury items.

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Grooveshark Proxy

Unlocks Grooveshark through a proxy to use in Germany.

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proxy(gae and dotcloud)/google link remover

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1 Benutzer partner programs

Automatically redirects affiliate URLs to add's affiliate codes.

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Redfly Tagger for Google Analytics™

The Redfly Tagger for use with Google Analytics™ is a simple Firefox extension enabling you to to quickly create custom URLs using Google Analytics parameters in a quick and easy "right click" lightbox interface.

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Slim FB Chat Kein Neustart

Makes Facebook Chat sidebar slimer when accessed through

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OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox Notifier Kein Neustart

The official OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox add-on.

Stay up to date with the latest Ubuntu news and developments.

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Save Images to

Save images to Piccsy directly from your Firefox.

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Boost your Internet speed.

This add-on helps you increase your Internet speed by removing extra http information in the packet and some other connection and caching tricks.

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