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For quickly adding links to buoga, bookmarks import included.

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Kody Rabatowe

Wtyczka wykrywająca kody rabatowe aktualnie obowiązujące w sklepie internetowym. Podczas gdy przeglądamy asortyment sklepu, rozszerzenie przemierza obszerną bazę kuponów rabatowych i informuje nas o dostępnych kodach promocyjnych.

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PureCloud Hilfsprogramm für die Bildschirmfreigabe

Hilfsprogramm zur Aktivierung der Bildschirmfreigabe in PureCloud

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StockFox Benötigt Neustart

Lightweight integration of a stock ticker into your browser.

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1.075 Benutzer es el único buscador solidario que dona el 70% de sus ganancias a ONGs contra el cáncer, niños desfavorecidos y huérfanos y otras asociaciones de ayuda social. te garantiza la mejor tecnología de búsqueda del mundo

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GEO2Enrichr helps you quickly and easily extract gene sets from the Gene Expression Omnibus and analyze these lists for common biological functions.

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Compartir escritorio de evolutel

Complemento para compartir el escritorio en una videoconferencia

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Wordzen for Gmail

A human powered editing service that corrects and improves the English in your Gmail messages

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Gaia: BBCode Generator

Generates BBCode for gaia inventory and wishlist.

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Total Defense Traffic Light Benötigt Neustart

Total Defense Traffic Light adds a strong and non-intrusive layer of security to your browsing experience

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basic shortcuts

the new version of basic-shortcuts. please reinstall from here
a basic add-on for fast searching and emailing.
shift-control-s: search google for selected text.
shift-control-y: search youtube for selected text.
shift-control-a: mail current url.

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TheEBTeam Notifier

Monitors the status of TheEBTeam members streams.

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Визуальные закладки Markbooq

Расширение Markbooq предназначено для быстрого и удобного доступа ко всем своим закладкам в личном кабинете и моментального добавления выбранного сайта в нужный раздел.
Попробуйте, Вам понравится!

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Chicky's Booru-style Image Downloader Benötigt Neustart

Automated image downloading and naming tool for "Booru" sites.

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Outlook simple watcher

A simple addon to monitor your outlook emails by a button with badge for the unread count and desktop notifications.

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The Bountysource Browser Extension extends issue trackers for open-source software by adding a thumbs-up button to every issue. More details here:

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Fast eBay Search Benötigt Neustart

The most comprehensive eBay toolbar. With FoxyBay you can specify an auction end time, auction amount, choose which eBay site to search and more! FoxyBay is spyware & adware free, and will NEVER ask for personal information/passwords.

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Simple, lightweight infinite scrolling for reddit

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Améliorations du forum

Aides, améliorations et personnalisation du forum

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Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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