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Couponzclub Benötigt Neustart

Couponzclub addon will ease your shopping experience by giving shortcut to 10 popular shopping store coupons

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SAP Support Note QuickLaunch

Quickly launch SAP Support to view or search for notes

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Inspect the angular scope in the developper tools inspector

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ActionAlly for Firefox

This extension pairs with the ActionAlly OSX App and gives it additional functionality like tracking distracting websites and blocking sites when you're working on something else.

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Allows to copy code blocks with 'Copy' to clipboard or with a right click rather than selecting & copying codes. A handy tool for working with technical docs on GitHub, Python, WordPress Codex, jQuery, Bootstrap, npm, Stackoverflow and many more.

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Diet To Yum Benötigt Neustart

Replaces the text 'diet' with various yummy foods. Super useful during New Years.

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qubbie - a bookmarking tool

we make it easy to save, organize and share your favourite web pages and help you to share your links among browsers, devices and friends

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Wunsch Koala Benötigt Neustart

Du siehst irgendwo im Internet ein tolles Geschenk? Füge es mit einem Klick zu deiner Wunschliste hinzu. Teile deine Wunschliste mit deinen Freunden und der Familie. Jeder kann einen Wunsch reservieren und du bekommst nichts doppelt. Jetzt anmelden.

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Chinese bold font has no effect in hackpad on Firefox, this add-on fix it.

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Display and manage your subscriptions for Twitch and Hitbox

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Nepali Text2Speech Benötigt Neustart

Its a plugin which utilizes the Nepali Text to Speech Engine developed by We decided to make firefox plugin for widespread use of Nepali TTS engine to help people.

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Adds a PasteAndGo-button

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FFXIV Lodestone Item Level

Display a character's item level in the FFXIV Lodestone

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My IMToolbar Benötigt Neustart

Provides quick access to common IMVU pages and functions.

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Handy and quick access to your bookmarks using your keyboard

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Click-to-Dial by Vonage Business Solutions

Click-to-Dial by Vonage Business Solutions allows you to seamlessly make calls with a simple click of the mouse while browsing the internet. Use Click-to-Dial to find and highlight phone numbers on web pages for easy one click dialing.

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Pennyful CashBack India

The Pennyful CashBack extension makes earning CashBack and finding coupons convenient.

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producteev RTL interface

Switch workspace interface to RTL.

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Presentational and functional enhancements for the site and forum.

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12 Benutzer Browser Extension Browser Extension allows you to easily find an answer to the question: is this photograph I'm looking at openly licensed? You can also copy a photograph and its attribution easily into programs such as Wordpress, LibreOffice and Word.

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