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Foxfiltre Benötigt Neustart

Adds a many graphic filters to the main context menu.

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This will take you to for signed screenshots and session logs. The URL of the current web page is copied automatically.

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Generic CSS Loader 2 Benötigt Neustart

A very basic CSS loader for Firefox. No fancy features, just an alternative to userChrome and userContent files.

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This simple addon is simply made to load a set of site links. You can add multi site links and set the loading interval. By default, the loading interval is set to one second.

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Ching extension for Firefox Benötigt Neustart

Ching extension for Firefox

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MEO Cloud Benötigt Neustart

Interact with MEO Cloud, send, receive and attach files all without leaving the browser.

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swich to closet Benötigt Neustart

go back to closet

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TaoAssistent Benötigt Neustart

TaoAssistent - поиск товаров на и заказ через сайт посредник Встроенный Google переводчик.

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utf8 characters

☞ utf8 characters is an extension that contains a list of cool characters ☆ ✪ ✰ to copy and paste into your messages ❀ on sites that use utf, like twitter or wordpress ☺ ✓

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Location Alerter

Highlights address bar when a string is found in the URL

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Changes a big URL into short URL.

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Selenium2Excel Converter Benötigt Neustart

Convert your Selenese scripts to Excel format

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Match the News Benötigt Neustart

MatchtheNews offers to you the latest news relevant to the web page you are currently browsing capturing your recent interests in a friendly interface.
We respect you privacy! All your personal data are stored locally and used ONLY in your favor.

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Load All Now Benötigt Neustart

This addon scrolls to bottom of the page and back to make some pages load fully at once.
Load All Now deals with anoyance on some pages when site loads its contents successively, but partially when you scroll.

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New Tab Image Benötigt Neustart

Add an Image for New Tab.

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Rádio Gazin Benötigt Neustart

Rádio Gazin - Firefox

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Data:URI Benötigt Neustart

Get Data:URI for a given image file.

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Amy's link changer test Benötigt Neustart


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