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Awesome Timestamp

Konvertiert timestamps zu Datum/Uhrzeit und Datum/Uhrzeit in timestamps.

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All the Tools

Show hidden tools in the menu panel for occasional use.

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Disrupt to Bullshit

Replaces various forms of the word 'bullshit' with various forms of the word 'bullshit,' in every web page.

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Yair Lapid Stop Barking

גם אתם מכורים לאתרי חדשות, אבל לא סובלים את המבט המתנשא והיהיר של יאיר לפיד? נמאס לכם מהחיוך הלגלגני והמראה הזחוח? לפיד די לקשקש בזנב היא אפליקציה קטנה
שמחליפה באופן אוטומטי תמונות של יאיר לפיד בתמונות חמודות של כלבי שנאוצר

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Homestuck Troll Typing Quirks

Allows you to select text and copy it to your clipboard, with added typing quirk ofyour favourite homestuck troll.

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Emuflex (Emulator for flexible display devices) Benötigt Neustart

Emuflex is an emulator for flexible mobile devices which allows web users to see the effects of such devices have on the web pages they are browsing, without needing the real devices.

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An easy tool to download E-mote images from pixiv

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Send SMS text messages from your browser

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Use the Ordino Firefox Add-on to start adding resources from across the web into Ordino.

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Ubuntu Forum TR kullanıcıları için hazırlanmış hızlı bir yer imi uygulamasıdır.

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Vote Detective

Reveals voting statistics on reddit. Shows upvote and downvote totals, calculates popularity, and graphs comment points over time!

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dou-sort-comments plugin aims to sort all parent and child comments at any DOU ( topics.

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HoFF- [Hide Offline Facebook Friends]

Hides the Offline Friends From Facebook Chat Window

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Bagf Search

The official Bagf Search Firefox Addon

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Search with DMM


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VOTT.RU: Stop Pupking!

VOTT.RU: скрытие сообщений, подсветка сообщений, погоны

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Post code to FXP

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Vocabmonk is a gamified and personalized vocabulary enhancement app, with a social touch to foster competitive learning driven by powerful and researched artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Add to Dealsplus

Shop, save, and share all the best offers online!

DealsPlus helps you discover, save, and share the best coupons and deals for all your favorite stores.

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