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CouponFox 1.0

Zásuvný modul zobrazující akce a slevové kódy do právě prohlížených eshopů

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Informacion ocio y cultura

Abre ocio y cultura en una nueva pestaña

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Site Tracking Benötigt Neustart

Extension to track websites at a domain and page level that you have visited for reference. This is NOT some type of parental control Add-on.

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HodorFox - by odessa2

Hodor. Hodor? Hodor!

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9kw Client - Captcha Service Addon

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Beautify Benötigt Neustart

Effortlessly discover images you love with Beautify. You don’t need to spend precious time and energy finding art, photography or fashion - we do that for you! Beautify shows you a gorgeous new image every time you open a tab in your browser.

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Zaqwes Working Day

the simplest task organizer!!!

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SpanishDict Word Dictionary

Adds context menu item to provide a dictionary definition for an English/Spanish word using A helpful tool when you are reading and want a quick definition of a Spanish word. Opens a new tab to

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Coupon Periscope Benötigt Neustart

CouponPeriscope automatically shows you all available coupon codes for the shopping site you are visiting.

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Google Code Wiki Viewer Benötigt Neustart

Preview Google Code wiki files from local filesystem.

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hacker news newer links

This add-on will help you to recognize the new items in the Hacker News ( web site (only front / first page). It will store the information so that next time you enter the HN new entries will be highlighted.

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chiletemblores todos los temblores ocurridos en nuestro País... la informacion es obtenida desde la Universidad de Chile.

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Small Firewall

SFW is a simple content filter to limit ADs from crossdomain website.
If a website contains <iframe src="&lt;a href=" https:="""" v1="" dfb9a90a1dbfe7665e36bace40976b056b7149ce2317a42a517807959ab6adb1="" http%3A="...

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Make international calls with the highest quality calling from your phone. Enter any destination number and we'll connect your phone automatically! Absolutly no microphone, headsets or special adapters needed!

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Accounting by Wave

The tools you need to run your business — including everything your accountant needs — and you get it all, 100% free and unlimited. Learn more at

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Pour les fans de genesis... La paire avec ToPress !

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a basic add-on.

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arcns clock

The arcns clock.
If you want to change the color, you can contact me to get code explanation.

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Zeetle URL


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Parsi Web 24

mr. arman brenjkar

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