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Navigate across domains on session history with one click

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The Handfire plugin allows users to convert poker hand histories directly from their clipboard in a variety of output formats, supported by

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Semantic Turkey

Semantic Turkey: a Knowledge Acquisition and Ontology Management Framework.

Important: read developers' comments below to get to the download (for the right version)!

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This is the Deepwoods Software Toolbar. It provides various links and tools for Deepwoods Software customers.

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This toolbar provides a CW Mars catalog search box directly on your Firefox browser. You can search for library materials without having to navigate to the CW Mars website.

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Nodobe Viewer

Free your computer from bloatware with the Nodobe Viewer. Just say Nodobe!

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Currency Watch

Looks up real-time currency conversion rates from Yahoo Finance and displays them in a neat status bar pane. Supports more than 100 currencies and the list keeps growing.

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Please write a review to get this out of Sandbox into mainstream!! Will be much appreciated!!
The quip (quick-ip) addon eliminates typing in the first two octets of the ip address. Typically in intranet testing or development environments, you access...http://172.16 part in preferences and change it to something else. You can also add a post fix to the address (for e.g: a port number) as well.

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NetID Lookup

Easily search the University of Illinois NetID database.

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Geeks Toolbar

Here's an easier way to access pages in the Geeks community at If you're not already a member, it's free to join and fun to participate. Suggestions are welcome.

It is compatible with Firefox 4.0

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ぜんぶ ろぼっと

Firefox や Thunderbird の見た目を変える冗談拡張です。
This is a Joke Add-on.
Externals of Firefox and Thunderbird are changed.

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Host Spy

On a shared hosting, HostSpy addon is a free useful tool to find out who current website's ip neighbors are.

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Tool für komfortable ConAktiv-Webfrontend-Bedienung. Ermöglicht CSV-Dateien zu im- und exportieren und darüber hinaus ganze Zeiträume im System zu löschen.

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Leprosorium Karma Attitude

This add-on is designed for, it
automatically displays karma attitude towards you in user profile.

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PayPal Instant Transfer Zapper

Disable PayPal from using Instant Transfer to fund payments without your consent. Learn why you should never use your bank account to fund payments and why you should always use a credit card.

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Clear Dns Cache

Clear your firefox DNS cache after changing your hosts configuration.

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Extention for quick additions images to the service

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Bookmerken - jetzt merken, später lesen

Webseiten fürs spätere Lesen markieren (inkl. automatischer Kurz-URL in der Zwischenablage). Bookmarks auf die Schnelle.

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iDailyText ist eine Mozilla Firefox Extension die für jeden Tag einen Bibeltext anzeigt. Der perfekte Start in den Tag. Read the Bible everyday.

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