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Bibliai hivatkozások beillesztése a Szentírá oldalról

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Download from youtube, soundcloud or facebook

حمل من يوتيوب, ساوند كلاود, فيس بوك

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ШоппингГид - покупай выгодно!

Во время просмотра товаров в интернет-магазинах ШоппингГид ищет для вас более низкие цены на эти товары. Совершайте выгодные покупки с ШоппингГид'ом!

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Twitter Bootstrap 3 Helper

Simple extension that inform about actual displaying column (xs, sm, md, lg) of Twitter Bootstrap 3.

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Remove Flash Banners From Ivlog. Prevent IP tracking.

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F64 Voting Button

Adds a Vote button to posts in Flickr F64 type groups.

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Stack Exchange: No more re-typing the same comments over and over!

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Switch to HTTPS scheme where support is detected

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Tracey Benötigt Neustart

Javascript execution trace utility. This extension allows you to log some or all javascript function calls within web pages to a log file. You may then use standard operating system tools to view, search and diff the log files.

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Fight against trolls in Noticiero Digital. This addon will let you block unwanted messages from known trolls in that forum.

Lucha contra los trolles en Noticiero Digital. Esta extensión te ayudará a bloquear mensajes de trolls no deseados en ND.

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SimpleMachines Notifier cross-browser extension.

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Image Forward

Easy cycling through images and image links on a page. Inspired by parts of Opera 12's fast forward.

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Timeline Sidebar

Displays a timeline of the current active tab's history in a sidebar.

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El Nuevo Diario – Nicaragua

Noticias de Nicaragua, Centroamérica y el mundo.

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Archive-It Proxy Mode Toggle

This extension allows users of Archive-It, a subscription web archiving service of the Internet Archive:, to toggle into Archive-It proxy mode and back again without having to change their FireFox settings.

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Create a short link to any text on the Internet.

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S naším pomocníkem Vám již žádná výhoda neunikne! Připomene se v každém obchodě, ve kterém můžete s nakupovat levněji!

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Code as a Research Object

Create persistent archives of code repositories, with a DOI for each release.

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Reply Now

Reply right away to emails!

With relative timestamps in Gmail, you can see how long an email has been sitting in your inbox. Reply while the time is still green!

Timestamps turn yellow after 15 minutes and red after an hour.

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Always Show History Settings

Always show full history settings in the Privacy preferences pane.

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