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This addons doing fast insert code.

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Roll over a hyperlink and Streamfully brings you novel & personalized content, down to every snippet. Stop wasting time on useless surfing around the web — Look before you Link.

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Screensharing Helper for

Helper utility for enabling screensharing on the videochat service

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CliqMeet ScreenShare

Helper utility for enabling screensharing on

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Reddit Button

The unofficial Reddit Firefox extension.

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OpenBijbel Bijbel Toolbar

Dit is de addon om de [[|]] OpenBijbel Bijbel Toolbar in Firefox te gebruiken.
Hierdoor kun je nog meer verschillende Engelse vertalingen zien naast de Nederlandse Bijbelteksten op
De code kun je vinden op

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Singing Stallman

Exorcise your soul of closed-source demons and cleanse yourself of proprietary urges through the power of the Free Software Song.

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Nice Day (weather)

Nice Day provide city weather information.You can custome weather forecast information on Facebook, Google, YouTube and other sites.

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Blackbird Benötigt Neustart

Blackbird is a toolbar that provides easy access to Black news and content and enables a more informed view of the online world for ALL (we hope that people of all backgrounds use it to have a truly global view of the web) - the best of all worlds!

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Hide Navbar

Hide navbar via hotkey.

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S naším pomocníkem Vám již žádná výhoda neunikne! Připomene se v každém obchodě, ve kterém můžete s nakupovat levněji!

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O2 Blokátor vianočného ošiaľu

Pre všetkých, ktorí nepotrebujú pripomínať Vianoce v každej reklame na internete, sme pripravili špeciálny blokátor. Nainštalujte si ho do svojho prehliadača a zbavte sa vianočného ošiaľu.

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Create professional responsive print friendly CV's in minutes, free with our simple editor powered with instant preview
Every interview matters during job search...we help you make awesome first impression

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Disable xat chat or profile CSS Benötigt Neustart

This extension allows you to disable user added CSS on any xat chat or profile by adding ?nocss at the end of the URL.

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Techmeme Less

Allows 'More' and 'Tweets' information within Techmeme pages to be hidden and optionally viewed

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2 Benutzer Image Uploader Uploader allows you to easily upload images that you stumble across on the web to, via a simple right click menu. It also allows you to share them out to your favorite social media sites instantly.

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More Search Engines in Context Menu

Add more search engines to the context (right-click) menu. These are in addition to the search engine currently selected in the search box.

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iMyne Toolbar

Shop. Earn. Donate. All at once.

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Removes "Hot network questions" area on (it's too damn distracting!)

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