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Adds selected words from the page to your personal dictionary at

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SKDownloader is a torrent client & download accelerator. This plugin adds a "Download with skdownloader" context menu enabling users to start downloads directly from the browser.

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Safety Redirector PRO

In short: SafetyRedirector is an important part to your computer's overall security. Anti-virus programs work only AFTER you've been infected. SafetyRedirector PREVENTS the initial infection from happening!

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Flint by Viralheat

Social media sharing has never been easier!

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Commuter Homes London

Easily find out how long it would take to commute to work whilst browsing Rightmove.

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Execute jQuery and show results from a web page.

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Urlbar autocomplete hotkey

Adds a hotkey to toggle urlbar autocomplete. Control-Alt-U

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Real-time Amazon Worldwide price drops. True deals Benötigt Neustart

Adquisitio, the best Amazon shopping tools: Real time price drops, deals, price history charts and worldwide price comparison. Please report bugs and questions to

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עלמה פדיה הוא תוסף לדפדפן המאפשר להקריא כל תוכן באתר וקיפדיה בעברית.
התוסף מסייע למתקשים בקריאה, ילדים, ודיסלקטים.
סמנו טקסט עם העכבר, ולחצו על כפתור ה"play" שייפתח לידו

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Got Apps?, Search mobile apps and games Benötigt Neustart

Get contextually relevant mobile apps of your current web page.

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Passera turns entered text into a strong password up to 64 characters long.

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Provides an Edit in Prose link from a hosted file on GitHub.

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Clipboard Plus

Allows you to keep adding text to the clipboard so you don't have to highlight consecutively.

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Select Address Bar Plus - Linux

Selects the address bar in Firefox running under Linux OS with a single click

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Trusted Linker Download Redirect (TLDR) Support

Adds support for TLDR (a proposed extension to HTTP) which allows Firefox to verify that downloaded files that are linked to in a specific way from an https:// site (assumed trustworthy) have not been tampered with.

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Github Colon Emoji

Allows you to press enter after a colon without adding an emoji on Github

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SelfScroll Benötigt Neustart

This component allow to automatically scroll the page with a custom speed. It also possible to configure the action to execute at the end or at a specific pixel. Is possible to configure up to 10 different settings (suitable for multi-screen).

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MereCat Chat

Enjoy persistent private and public chats crosstab after registering an account.
Merecat Chat Registration
Alpha Version

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Enables you to send digital currencies on all your favourite social media networks from one simple wallet.

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Рейтинг Кинопоиска для телепрограммы

Показывает рейтинг Кинопоиска для фильмов на страницах телепрограмм Яндекса, и Рамблера.

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