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AlphaProtector Benötigt Neustart

Alpha Protector for FireFox is an Anti-Crimeware browser plugin that protects your browser from various types of key stroke logging methods such as hook based, form grabbing and injection.

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EZlogin Benötigt Neustart

EZlogin. Easy. Secure. Login.

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GETTHIS allow you to transfer Image, Text or Link to your mobile device by simply highlight the content you want and get it right away.

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Get Coupon Codes Benötigt Neustart

Get Coupon Codes : Find coupon codes, promo Codes and discount for online stores

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PubMed (simple) Gucker Benötigt Neustart

Runs an API based PubMed search on with marked text as search term. Shows a citation list with availability options as Open Access paper or to the embargo time of a hybrid access paper.

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Metatextbook of Medicine Gucker Benötigt Neustart

Your marked text is the search term funneled into MTB-Med, a collection of 70k free available medical review articles.

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Japanese online browser game "Nidarun" support add-on.

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YouTube tools Benötigt Neustart

YouTube tools - Скачать видео с Youtube

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TitleURL Benötigt Neustart

Displays the title of the tabs in the URL bar.

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Random Bookmark

Random Bookmark bietet einen Button, um ein zufälliges Lesezeichen oder einen Verlaufseintrag zu öffnen. Zusätzlich bietet es einen hohen Grad an Einstellungsmöglichkeiten.

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Permit Cookies 2 Benötigt Neustart

Set cookie permissions for the site you are viewing.

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تأملات قرآنية بهذه الاداة يمكن اقتراح تغيردات من التويتر الى موقع وتطبيق تأملات قرآنية والذي يعرض التغيريدات بعد فرزها بحسب الايات القرانية. بعد التحميل ستجد في تيوتر ايقونة تأملات قرانية ضمن ايقونات التغريدات

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GoTo Tab number Benötigt Neustart

Press control+shift+o and enter the tab-number you want to go.
Tab Number starts from 1.

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Vkontakte photo Benötigt Neustart

Vkontakte photo - скачать фото из вконтакте

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Saclier World Add-On Benötigt Neustart

Saclier World Add-On

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Email This Image Benötigt Neustart

Ever wanted to attach IMG from sites and send it? look no further, we got what you want!
Stand on a IMG you want, right click on the mouse and choose "Email This Image".
Working with Gmail/Yahoo/Default mail application.
Don't forget to rate us!

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Destructoid Live

Tracks online Destructoid and Streamtoid channels on (including the broadcasters' personal channels). Also adds custom Dtoid emoticons to twitch chat. Use !dtoidemotes to see the list. Don't forget to refresh the chat after a new install!

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GameOn Live

Lets you know which GameOn casters that are currently online on Updates every 5 minutes.

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BPasswd Benötigt Neustart

A strong password generator using bcrypt for key derivation in a convenient toolbar.

For a more up-to-date version for newer Firefox versions, see BPasswd2.

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Amazon .de right-click search Benötigt Neustart

Select and right-click to search with

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