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fossBytes Kein Neustart

fossBytes: fresh bytes of technology and more

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Apparel Paris Kein Neustart

Apparel Paris is the first online personal shopper service. It creates looks adapted to your tastes in function of an article you clicked on. It is a recommendation system directly integrated into e-commerce website.

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Paste and Go 3 Again

This simple Firefox extension provides a configurable keyboard shortcut which will instantly paste and go (open or search) whatever is in the clipboard. It is a great time saver.

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aXe Developer Tools Kein Neustart

Add accessibility auditing to the Firefox Developer Tools

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Twitter Notification Panel Kein Neustart

Allows users to check notifications of Twitter from a panel interface.

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Repeatening Kein Neustart

Transform YouTube URLs into websites that repeat YouTube videos

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Bookmarks Folder Images

Customize Bookmarks Folder Icons

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Cookie Wizard with Whitelist

View/Cleanup/Export/Import Cookies and Permissions, with Whitelist

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1net creates, tracks, and optimises sales and campaigns. Easy login to your account, Manage campaigns and e-commerce.

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listgoal Kein Neustart

Grow your email list without thinking (and free coaching when you get stuck). This Add on will change your browser's homepage and newtab preferences to display it's contents. And will revert your previous setting on disable and uninstall.

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哔哩哔哩弹幕视频网 Kein Neustart


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Open Clipboard Links Kein Neustart

Add-on for one click open links in clipboard.

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Advanced Import/Export extension preferences

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Open in IE™ Kein Neustart

Open links in Internet Explorer

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Vitplay Suporte Técnico Kein Neustart

Extensão da Vitplay para suporte técnico.

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Open in Chrome™ Kein Neustart

Open links in Google Chrome

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Braincloud learning live extension Kein Neustart

This extension will help you share content on Braincloud learning live application

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Peoplemovers Kein Neustart

Share and move your world forward

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Screen Capturing by SubjectCoach Kein Neustart

Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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Calculate MD5 SHA1 Hash checksums Kein Neustart

Calculate MD5 and SHA1 hash checksum on files to compare to a verified result provided by publisher of the files.

The design goal of this add-on is to make hash checksum calculation easily reachable from within the browser.

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