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  • There seems to be a problem with this version I went back to 16.2. Some sites zoom in and out without stopping. Je donne 5 étoiles parce que j'utilise ce modules depuis quelques années et c'est celui que je préfère. Merci !
  • I like this addon, but it recently started to glitch out and rapidly change between zoom levels and replace the webpages with blank screens, and the problem only stopped when I disabled the addon
  • Really handy addon, my only gripe is that the "Default Minimum Size" font setting seems to be useles because it sets the minimum size BEFORE page scaling, nor after.
  • The addon is wonderful!
    But please add the possibility to scroll over the button itself to zoom in and out! (Not needing to click it and aim for the right area first ...) ... That would be so convenient!
  • I propose a new feature. I would like to increase the contrast of the letters on the page, the font contrast.

    Thanks in advance!
  • How can i override image's setting (like < img width="100%">) to zoom force?
  • Really nice, especially the per-subsite options, which I found in no other addon!
  • Is there no way to report bugs or issues other than email? Maybe make a github just as an issue tracker?

    There seem to be some huge memory leaks/usage with this addon when using lots of tabs.

    I have one instance with ~400 tabs and one with ~900 tabs, the more tabs the more this problem is visible. So to recreate it, you need that many tabs in FF, probably ~500, but they do not need to be loaded. Make FF save sessions on close and the tabs will be in an unloaded state on restart.
    Once you got that many unloaded tabs disable ZoomPageWE and directly enable it again - CPU and RAM should now spike. For me it goes up by 4 GB and after roughly one minute drops again.

    Same happens when changing the options by the way.

    Interestingly starting with ZoomPageWE enabled does not show this problem. But disabling and enabling it again will show the problem.

    I found this problem because it seems to occur when some other addon/s are enabled along with ZoomPageWE while starting (I will have to investigate further which ones, but there are several that will cause this).
  • This add-on is not bad, but in the description it tells "There is an option to apply fit-to-window scaling when an image is loaded". Where is that option? The Auto button doesn't do anything. Only the mouse-click works. I'm watching a lot of porn photos with right-click / show image... It would be cool, to spare another click, to fit that image to the window...

    Thanks for your help! I've managed to fix the problem with reset site zoom using resolution you suggested (set the flag in about:config ) but now I've got the new problem.

    When I open the link in background tab using 'Foxy Gestures' mouse command the mouse wheel on current tab starts to change zoom level instead of scrolling the page (no keyboard buttons was pressed). Hope it could be fixed because this is still annoying :(


    Edit: thanks for your response I let the Foxy Gestures mod author know about the problem. Until the problem will be fixed I've disabled the RMB+Wheel hotkey in the mod settings it allows to use these mods together with minimal inconveniences.
    This happens because of the way that Foxy Gestures works. When you make a gesture (right button down, move mouse, right button up) the "right button up" event is captured by Foxy Gestures and is not allowed to propogate to other extensions.

    Zoom Page WE has a feature that allows the user to zoom in/out by holding down the right button and scrolling the mouse wheel. Because the "right up button" event is captured by Foxy Gestures, Zoom Page WE does not know that the right button has been released and carries on zooming.

    This cannot be fixed in Zoom Page WE, but probably could be fixed in Foxy Gestures.

    The workaround is to disable the "Enable mouse Right+Wheel to zoom in/out" option in Zoom Page WE options.
  • reverted to the older(sep version) till the flicker bug is fixed tnx alot for your hard work. ^^
    This bug is fixed in Version 15.4.

    Please note: It is strongly recommended to set 'browser.zoom.siteSpecific' to 'false'.

    This makes Zoom Page WE much more efficient and is necessary to allow some options to be enabled (i.e. Per-Tab zoom mode, Automatically apply AutoFit zoom, Per-Tab zoom when viewing images, Per-subsite zoom).

    To set 'browser.zoom.siteSpecific' to 'false', follow these steps:

    1. Start Firefox.
    2. Type “about:config” into the address bar and then press Enter.
    3. A message may appear, either “This might void your warranty!” or “Here be dragons!”.
    4. If a message appears, click on the “I accept the risk!” button.
    5. In the “Search:” box, type “siteSpecific”.
    6. You should then see one entry with the name: “browser.zoom.siteSpecific”.
    7. To change the value in this entry, double-click on the value and it will change to “false”.
  • Unfortunately the last version of zoom page addon gets buggy. It keeps zooming in & out. Please fix it.
    Please see reply to Aphotic above.
  • Youtube always reset zoom 100%,please fix.
    Please see reply to Aphotic above.
  • Confirm scale reset problem after last update. But that happens only on some sites (like www.theguardian.com, for example); on others (Wikipedia) the scale jumps to 100% when you open new page in background, but then (after 0.5-0.7 seconds) restores back to site-specific.
    Please see reply to Aphotic above.
  • Broken with the last update. If a new tab is opened on a zoomed-in website, zoom of all tabs of this website reset to the global default.
    Please see reply to Aphotic above.