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  • Works fairly well. Would be nice if "fit to window" was a toggle instead of one-way.

    Also, when viewing an image alone (not part of a web page), zooming in moves the image to the right instead of keeping it centered. Somewhat annoying.
  • A must-have for anyone viewing photos on the web.
  • REGARDING : This review by 12503762, 8 mths ago :

    Would it be possible to add Base64 image support
    (the data:image/png;base64 type of files for example)?
    Also this extension has the same bug as the old ImageZoom extension,
    on some images when you have them directly open in the page (direct link to image file),
    when you zoom in it progressively crops the top of the image you can't see it at all.
    Here is an image to show what I mean :
    with this big image, depending on actions I do (direct zoom with clicks combination or mouse wheel)
    It happens that the top of the image is not visible anymore, image seems to start from the middle of it.

    · · · · V · · V · · V · · V · · V · · V · · V · · V · · V · · V · · V · · · ·

    What I (Oby) noticed is I can right click on the photo image of Bryan Cranston that appears after I use
    "Zoom Image by Amu" 2x zoom, & drag it it down, then
    the full TOP of the picture also drags into view.

    I don't know why the scroll bar won't allow me to get to the top.

    Maybe it's to do with Firefox screen size handling / zoom,
    versus CSS-based screen-size handling / zoom.
    Well, at least I took the time to make this post. B^)
  • Works well. I wish the developer showed a Privacy Policy so we know our data is safe. Users should always look at what permissions you are giving when installing addons.
    Thank you, Amu for this, I use it often.
  • good addon, but if we can change zoom setting like shift/ctrl/alt+mouse wheel that would be awasome
  • Works fine, but can you add an option to change the shortkeys for image rotating? I want to rotate it just holding a right click and using a mouse wheel, without ALT key. Thank you.
  • Great add-on; works exactly as described with Firefox Quantum 63.
  • Excelente!!!
  • Didn't work for me.