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  • worst add on
  • This plugin must have been killed off a while back. It literally does nothing after you install it. There isn't even a button to click to run the plugin.
  • Stopped working.

    Furthermore, it will need to be moved into Firefox DevTools instead of Firebug
  • Its not working in firefox 50.
  • stupid add-on. does not install.
  • does not work in v51 nightly.
  • Do`nt work in FF48
  • Enter this url in FF about:addons.
    Then click on YSlow Prefencies and check first checkbox. Then, when u'll reload u page, it would work!
  • In FF 47
  • This addon is a total waste of time. Not only is this useless because when you finally get to access it - clicking on the "Run Test" doesnt respond, it also irritates you while installing it and figuring out where to find it - ie, inside firebug!

    Complete and Utter waste of time ever.
  • This used to be a great addon but has not worked in a very long time. Mozilla should just pull it off the site already.
  • with Firefox 47
  • with Firefox 46.
  • FF 46.0.1
  • In Firefox, go to Add-ons, then Extensions, then see Yslow. Click options and click "Automatically run YSlow when page finishes loading." It will give the overall rating plus the element ratings, but the elements themselves are still not clickable. Great insight anyway.
  • FF 45 - Yslow was broken
  • there isn't anything work,click yslow there isn't anything happen
  • Installed for Firefox 44.0.2 - doesn't run.
  • Used to work great, but seems to be broken.
  • It's clear from this very long thread YSlow isn't working anymore with current FF versions. However there's hope!

    These three sites will give the web page speed info desired and more: gtmetrix.com | host-tracker.com | webpagetest.org

    gtmetrix.com has both PageSpeed and YSlow operating.
  • Just installed Yslow. I think. Where can I find it? Where can I click on something to see something? I don't understand. There is no status bar so there is no Yslow icon. If I hit F12 I don't see Yslow anywhere. Am I missing something? Do I have to use Chrome from now on, which I don't want?
  • To force users to switch from Firefox to Chrome. Seek for alternatives.
  • I just install it but not working correctly . What can i do for this ?????????
  • Broke on latest version