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  • was working fine until yesterday, now i get this error: Cannot detect url_encoded_fmt_stream_map or adaptive_fmts
  • The downloads are now taking forever. Usually a few minutes and now up to an hour. Is this happening to anyone else?
  • Way too slow.
  • Fails to combine video and audio files. Does save video and audio files separately. Asks to install a native client and FFMPEG applications, but even after those are both succesfully installed and the browser is supported, fails to combine the video and audio files.
    The video tutorial for installation is horribly poorly done, and doesn't even show the extension's option page.
  • I can not get this once great extension to work at all.
  • 2019-08-06 :
    seems youtube changed some things… some days ago error about title, now it seems solved BUT can't find links for anything above HD resolution. And need to refresh before each download or it gets stucked to the previous link.

    ten-months-ago :
    Does what it says ;-)
    But in settings/saving options
    I can't manage to set a path for « save merged files in »
    As soon as I write something there, got an error message « can't open folder ».
    Letting it empty, merged files end up in « download » folder. ( Ubuntu 16-04 / 18.04 )
  • Love the add-on but although 0.8.3 fixed one bug, there is now another - when you go to a new video it presents the links from the previous one, so ended up downloading the same file about 5 times. Cheers x

    edit: Workaround - I've found that if I MANUALLY REFRESH the new video page before clicking the orange icon, it then returns the correct links. Hope this helps x
  • Unfortunately this great extension is now giving error error: info.title is undefined. Hope the developer comes with a solution soon.
  • 1 error: info.title is undefined
    2 error: Cannot detect url_encoded_fmt_stream_map or adaptive_fmts
  • Doesn't let you download videos with sound or audio in a MP3 format.
  • Love this add-on, but seems to have a problem now:
    Cannot detect url_encoded_fmt_stream_map or adaptive_fmts

    version 0.8.3
    Firefox 68.0.1 (64-bit)
  • many thanks for your efforts and the fix. however, as already mentioned here, after trying to download a new video always came another one, previously downloaded(the same one over and over, no matter the option choosed). Tried to clean cookies, buffer, but to no effect.