231 Bewertungen
  • Doesn't work well on my 1440p monitor. Loads fast but screws up the page.
  • Fixes what should have never been a problem.
  • Broken in 1440p
  • Funcionou perfeitamente contra o Shadow DOM.
    Com a extensão, o YouTube voltou ao desempenho normal.
  • Just works.
    At least I can see Youtube comments with this addon.
  • very nice add, YT much faster now ! but plz add dark theme in next release
  • Youtube is faster now.
  • Oh be huzur varmış. Youtube shadow.api yüzünden çile çekmişiz boş yere
  • perfect for what it does, now youtube load way faster on firefox
  • Finally! A sane YouTube! Hope Google fixes their slow Polymer Youtube. Until then I will use this addon. 5 stars! Thank you!
  • This is a great add-on, as it not only helps those who like the old version more, but also increases speed significantly.
  • I want to restore to new again and I can not
    see instructions here:
  • How do you get dark mode back?