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  • YouTube now works! And it works with the dark themes in Enhancer for YouTube and all the other enhancements I've activated - excellent add-on, thank you.
  • Dude it fixes the stupid dynamic player thank you!
  • Makes YouTube usable again after the unforgivable switch to the Shadow DOM v0 API.
  • It actually does what is advertises but removing it doesn't restore Youtube's new layout. Tried going to youtube.com/new but didn't work so did a search and found that developer's github guide to restore it worked well.
    It's a good extension for people that don't use Youtube's dark theme
  • After disabling it firefox no longer blocks the large default youtube player and it now scales with the window size. Update needed.
  • Thanks to the Dev for making this. Youtube is so much smoother now! Works like a charm! Also works well with Magic Actions Youtube Add-on as well!
  • esta bueno, ya despues de un tiempo espero ver la optimizacion que se dice por ahi en los foros sobre la api anticuada que usa youtube aun...
  • despite performance i simply like old design more. thanks
  • Doesn't work well on my 1440p monitor. Loads fast but screws up the page.
  • Fixes what should have never been a problem.
  • Broken in 1440p
  • Funcionou perfeitamente contra o Shadow DOM.
    Com a extensão, o YouTube voltou ao desempenho normal.
  • Just works.
    At least I can see Youtube comments with this addon.
  • very nice add, YT much faster now ! but plz add dark theme in next release