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  • Just works!
  • I like it for what it does, but i´m having trouble with it. It causes a ram leak in the firefox process handling youtube. Perhaps it is a firefox bug, but so far disabling this addon makes the problem go away.
  • This is awesome, thank you! YouTube pages now load almost instantly rather than 5 seconds after they're opened, and comments are displayed in just a few seconds rather than 10-15 seconds (if they even load at all). Everything still works as normal. I see no downside to using this at all, only benefits. A total win.
  • the new verzion i couldnt handle i love the old you tube - wud be nice if ther waz a nightmode (dark screen_
  • It also returns the copy & paste problem.
    Maybe you can publish an addon which just fixes the new weird player size and leaves everything else standard.
  • Buena extencion, malo por google y sus politicas abusivas
  • It really does make YouTube load so much faster.
  • Widoczne przyspieszenie ładowania filmów i samej strony z filmem
  • Youtube is more faster, but I miss the dark theme
  • Very good add on, i recommend it.
  • Nareszcie Youtube wygląda jak Youtube. Ładuje się błyskawicznie
  • best way to make youtube loads faster in firefox
  • realmente volta ao antigo mas mesmo assim prefiro o novo kkkk , so baixei pra testar , mas gostei <3